2 Best Uses Of Custom Washi Tape

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Custom Washi Tape For Gifts

Custom Washi Tape Adding a splash of colour to your gift wrapping can be a great detail. It’s also very important to know, since washi can be repositioned, people often save the little bits of washi and reuse it on their journals or for other gifts (it is a great improvement from cello tape).

Use craft paper and one of our doodle washi to create a fun and quick pattern – add details with a nice bow, and voila!

Create a criss-cross of custom washi tape over the top of a gift box for a nice personalised touch. In this cute star-themed box, we added our night doodles washi tape to keep the stars and moon theme.

You can of course use washi tape to seal envelopes, but also to embellish them and turn them into a work of art! Not only washi can be used, but various forms of stencils and stamps to create a special look for the envelopes.Use watercolour for an extra pop of colour and flair!

Custom Washi Tape For Painting

Have you ever watched those satisfying masking tape peeling videos on Instagram? Did you notice most of them use washi tape? Painter’s tape can be harsh on paper, so a lot of artists began experimenting with washi tape to get clean edges on their pieces.

Specially, custom washi tape for watercolour artists is the key to clean edges. This kind of tape is a lot less harsh on the paper surface, preventing paper tearing.

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This was a use that we were both surprised and amazed by! Of course, you can use washi tape to hang pictures on your wall or bedroom door, but how about making a nice design on a wall using washi tape? That’s new!

Hang a stellar themed art print using our night sky washi tape, or a cutesy teacup art print with the sweets doodle washi tape – the perfect doodles for your artwork.

Washi tape isn’t the strongest of tapes, so you shouldn’t rely on it to seal the outside of your packages. It’s more of a decorative tape, so it’s best used on the exterior of packaging to gift wrap or brand items rather than hold anything closed or in place.

If you’re a maker or illustrator, it’s also is a fantastic way to decorate journals, planners, letters and other craft items.

Our Custom Washi Tape can be kitted out with a design of your choice and used to seal envelopes or decorate the exterior of a package, like a Kraft Mailer or Mailer Box.

Washi Tape’s stickiness doesn’t need to be activated – peel it off the roll, and it’s ready to go! It doesn’t require any tools like a tape dispenser either, as it can be easily torn by hand.

It’s also a creative way to share your artwork with customers. Due to the low MOQs available, it’s easy to on-sell your branded washi tape as a gift with purchase at your store or as a loyalty reward.

Due to washi tape’s reusable element, this is a practical gift that keeps on giving for your customers!

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