5 Health Benefits of Hash Oil You Never Heard Of

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Hash oil, also known as honey oil and cannabis oil, is a cannabis extract with a large quantity of THC. It is a treatment for several health issues with little or no side effects, and health officials recommend its use. However, many countries consider it illegal, despite its health benefits. As a result, some people are still ignorant of hash oil and its various benefits. This article discusses hash oil and five benefits you have never heard of. 

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What is Hash Oil? 


Hash oil is a concentrated extract of cannabis containing CBD and a large quantity of THC. People also refer to it as cannabis oil or honey oil, and it is primarily golden or light brown. Though hash oil has similar benefits to other cannabis products, it is the most potent because it contains about 90% of THC. 

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There are several hash oil extraction methods; however, most involve a solvent. Some of these solvents include ethanol and butane. However, its preparation depends solely on its production style. 

Before purchasing hash oil, it’s best to check its legality in your area. They are available for sale in hash to buy thc vape pen canada, the US, Mexico, and South Africa. We can consume hash oil by licking, smoking, or vaping. Also, we can rub them on the skin for specific skin conditions. 

Benefits of Hash Oil 


It Relieves Pain 


Cannabis oil is a go-to herb for pain in most households because it reduces pain instantly. Though the research is early, a 2010 study has proved its efficiency. 

About 25 adults suffering from neuropathic pain were treated with hash oil in the study. These adults were selected randomly and got treated at different potency levels. In the end, the results showed that cannabis oil cured those that used it three times daily. 

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You might wonder how cannabis oil works for pain. Everyone has an endocannabinoid system that deals with mood, pain sensation, and appetite. The cannabis oil interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and immune system. These receptors receive signals and help the cells respond, creating a pain-relieving effect. 

Hash Oil Reduces Anxiety 


Hash oil is famous for reducing anxiety because of its relaxing properties. It contains some natural compounds that release hormones that give a satisfactory feeling. One of these compounds is THC, which helps in aiding relaxation. So, hash oil is an excellent herb for anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD symptoms. 

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In 2011, scientists carried out research on the effects of cannabis oil. They gave people a 400mg cannabis oil dose and experienced reduced anxiety levels. 

They further went ahead to do another research on animals with anxiety symptoms. This research was done on rats, and the results showed lower anxiety signs after using cannabis oil. Also, their heartbeats and other significant anxiety symptoms reduced drastically. 

It Improves the Heart Condition 


Though cannabis oil won’t cure heart failure, it prevents damage to the heart. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, hash oil reduces blood pressure and cholesterol. Therefore, we can maintain a healthy weight and live a healthy life. 

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Also, it has antioxidant properties that could help treat specific health issues. Several studies on animals proved that this oil prevents heart attacks and strokes. Another research suggests that cannabis relaxes and dilates blood vessels for better circulation. However, there’s a need for more research to strengthen the previous claims. 

Furthermore, it’s essential to know that not every medication works well with cannabis. So, it’s best to consult your doctor if you’re on other drugs before using cannabis oil. 

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Hash Oil Treats Certain Cancers 


Cancer is one of the most destructive diseases, with little or no cure. However, scientists have proved that cannabis can prevent the growth of cancer cells. The research is still early, though. 

The National Cancer Institute has said that CBD has shown positive effects in the laboratory. Cannabis oil can change how cancerous cells reproduce and reduce inflammation. But the NCI hasn’t fully endorsed it as a cancer treatment. 

Despite that it has not been entirely accepted, here’s a list of the promising effects of cannabis oil on cancer. 

  • Cannabis oil prevents cancer cells division. 
  • It triggers the death of cancerous cells. 
  • Also, it prevents blood vessels from growing into tumors. 
  • Lastly, it prevents the cells from spreading throughout the body. 

All these are vital evidence that cannabis would impact cancer treatment in the nearest future. 

It Treats Certain Skin Conditions 


Cannabis oil is also famous for treating certain skin conditions like acne. Its anti-inflammatory properties help treat acne, itching, and dryness, leaving no scar. 

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We can rub it on the affected area or use it topically. Nonetheless, it helps to promote healthy skin by shedding older skin cells and replacing them with new skin cells. 

Also, cannabis has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore, it cures any skin infection. 



Hash oil has several health benefits, with more research still ongoing. If you’re suffering from these listed conditions, hash oil could be the final solution. However, your area must consider cannabis as a legal product before using it. Also, visit your doctor to know if using hash oil will cause no harm to you. 

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