5 Tips To Prepare For Ethical Questions In Med School Interview 2022

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It does not matter if you have an upcoming traditional interview or an MMI shortly, you need to learn how to prepare for ethical questions in medical school interview 2022.

There are different types of MMI interview questions in Ethical scenarios and questions that 


  • Acting stations
  • Collaborative stations
  • Panel and traditional questions
  • MPI questions, etc

These are considered some of the most challenging common ethical questions in med school interviews. So this means you must be ready to tackle all of them.

In this post, we are going to cover some of the strategies on how to prepare for these ethical questions in the medical school interview 2022.

But Why Ethical Questions?

It is quite a challenge, not knowing what kind of questions will appear while preparing for a medical school interview. There are some repetitive series of questions that have been asked several times in previous interviews too.

There are various inquiries that you might lack and you don’t know what to expect. Along with a variety of questions, ethical questions are going to be a challenging for you as the admission committee wants to assess the following things in you-

  • Ability to think
  • Decision-making process
  • Ethical values

And ethical questions help in presenting all these things because ethical questions help in evaluating these important qualities of good physicians-

  • Sound judgment
  • Communication skills
  • Non-bias attitude
  • Empathy
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5 Tips For Preparing Ethical Questions

Read below to learn some strategies that will help you solve ethical questions and will work as the best med school interview tips for 2022.

What Are The Fundamentals Of Ethics Questions? 

You must understand the difference between an ethical question and a world problem. You must be able to demonstrate your decision-making process and even the logic behind that decision. Simply reading or hearing a prompt will not work, rather act on them for a good result.

The interviewers are always expecting that you would come up with the best demonstration of the decision you have taken with a mature attitude.

Introduction And Leave

Just don’t forget to properly greet your interviewers as soon as you enter the room. When they are done with your interview just thank them for their time along with their name. These small details will help in building up your impression.


You must always present a recap as it shows that you very well understand the situation you are facing. Your recap must focus on these main 3 things-

  • You must identify your role in the situation
  • Just restate the facts
  • Try to identify the ethical issue of the ongoing scenario or question

Your recap must take 15-20 seconds and must cover all these elements

The Decision-Making Process Matters The Most

You already know ethical issues cannot be solved in 5 minutes and there are no universally right answers to these questions. 

The step that you are going to take while solving the question as it is more important than the right answer.

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Just end your answer with the perfect statement of clear actions. Even if you haven’t solved all the issues in the question, it is important to make the best possible decision regarding the ongoing scenario. You can use the if/then formula to slightly articulate the conclusion you are giving.

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