Online Quran Classes for Adults

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Muslims believe that learning the Quran is one of the most essential duties as it’s the basic source to understand Islam. It’s not just a religious book but encompasses every aspect of life and provides a complete code of conduct. Islam emphasizes the correct pronunciation and intonation of words while reciting the Quran. It’s called tajweed and preserves the message of Allah and the integrity of the Quran over generations.

Muslims find it extremely difficult especially in non-Islamic states to find a reliable institution or teacher to learn the Quran from. Adults with busy lives can’t attend those classes regularly. Their schedules conflict with the traditional education system as they have a fixed class timing. Online Quran Classes solve all these issues and are flexible and convenient to take. Let’s learn more about them.

Why There is a Need for Online Quran Classes for Adults?

Why there is a need for online Quran classes for adults.

 Adults face lots of challenges such as

Lack of intuition or teachers nearby

There is no institution or teacher available nearby to learn the Quran. This is especially the case in small Muslim communities in non-Islamic states.

Lack of Qualified Teachers

Students couldn’t find well-qualified teachers, especially for advanced-level as teachers need to have a certain level of expertise. The teachers available lack the required education and experience to teach. 

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Communication barrier

Teachers are not fluent in English.  Teachers fluent in English break the language barrier with international students. They are better equipped to communicate with their students. 

Private tutors are expensive

In a Western country, private teachers get pretty expensive. They charge high fees for their service making it unaffordable for the middle class. 

Poorly designed syllabus 

The syllabus used in traditional classes is poorly designed as it neglects the needs of students leading to a waste of students’ money and time.

Benefits of Online Quran Classes

Online Quran classes for adults solve all the issues mentioned above. They provide classes that have

  • Flexible timing
  • Convenient
  • Well, educated & experienced teachers
  • Meticulously designed syllabus 
  • Customized classes and syllabus
  • Affordable
  • Free trial class with teachers
  • Fluent in English teachers
  • Native Arabic speaker teachers

Online Quran Courses for Adults

There are many courses for adults from basic to advanced level.

Learning Quran is not limited to reading and reciting Quran but it also includes 

∙         Qirat (Reciting it beautifully)

∙         Translation

∙         Interpretation

∙         Comprehension

There are courses available in online Quran classes for each of these areas of learning.

Basic level

These courses are designed to learn to read and recite the Quran with tajweed. They are

Noorani Qaida

Learn the Arabic alphabet with proper Arabic pronunciation. Making words by connecting the alphabet is also learned in this course.

Tarteel Quran

Read and recite the Quran with tajweed. Students learn both basic and advanced tajweed.

Hifz Quran

Quran memorization by students. Alongside memorization, students also have a revision schedule.

Advanced course

These courses are designed 

  • Learn a special skill such as Qirat or certification.
  • Understand and comprehend the Quran with context. 
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Include courses 


A formal certification that authenticates the receiver is a Hafiz Quran and can teach.

Ten Qirat

Reciting in one of the ten authentic ways of Qirat. 

Arabic Language

Learning Arabic grammar, vocabulary, and vernaculars, to understand the Quran better. 

Translation of Quran

Translation of Quran using Arabic grammar with and without context.

Tafsir Quran

Understand the Quran with context.

Complementary courses

These courses help us understand Islam and the Quran by providing detailed context and guidelines.


Study Prophet (PBUH) seearh and sunnah as it provides a practical implantation of Quran rules, principles, and guidelines.  

Islamic Studies

study of Quran, Islamic beliefs, and sunnah.

Islamic History

The history of Muslims from the time of the Prophet (PBUH) till now.

Arab Culture

This helps understand the culture, traditions, values, and social customs of Arabs thus providing cues in interpreting the Quran.

Online Quran classes provide a golden opportunity to learn the Quran. Many online Quran academies including Al-Quran provide online Quran courses.


Online Quran classes for adults offer to learn to read, recite, translate, interpret, and comprehend the Quran for its true essence and meanings. They provide convenience and flexibility without compromising quality. Quality is ensured by hiring qualified teachers and a well-designed syllabus.  It’s a great viable alternative for adults with busy schedules to learn the Quran.

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