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Al- Quran Academy provides Ten Qirat online. In this course, students can learn ten different styles of Qirat. The course offers a flexible and conducive environment to pursue learning one or multiple styles and also learn about the verbal and Tajweed differences in each style.

Ten qirat online course highlights variations in each style and the miraculous nature of the Quran. Each qirat style has a distinct technique and pronunciation. These Qirat styles have been preserved by scholars over centuries. At Learn Quran Classes Academy – ten Qirat online courses, each style is led by a certified scholar of that particular style.

Al-Quran Ten Qirat Online Course

  • Learn & memorize ten Qirat style
  • Understand verbal differences between different styles
  • Master the Tajweed rules specific to each style & its difference
  • Examining & understanding the historical context of each Qirat style

Main Subjects Taught in Al-Quran Ten Qirat Online Course

Introduction to Qirat

A comprehensive overview of the ten Qirat styles, explaining their significance and importance in understanding the recitation of the holy Quran.

Qirat Practical Application

Practical application of theoretical knowledge by reciting verses and chapters from the Quran in different Qirat styles under the guidance and supervision of teachers.

Learn About Qirat Styles

Learn about different recitation styles including “Hafs” and “Warsh”, and get an understanding of the variation in melody and pronunciation.

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Memorization Techniques of Qirat

Learn the most effective method of memorizing by using a specific recitation style among ten styles. it improves the ability to retain in the long run and accuracy while reciting the Quran.

Qirat in Context

Studying the cultural and historical background in which, each of the ten Qirat styles originated and developed. This helps build an understanding of how each style was shaped by the dialects and linguistic subtleties, prevalent during that era.

History of Qirat 

Examination of the origin and evolution of each qirat style over time by a well-known reciter. Those can be traced back to the companions of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

Qirat Tajweed Rules

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the rules of Tajweed for the recitation of the Quran, including proper elongation, pronunciation, and intonation.

Comparative Analysis of Different Qirat Styles

Comparative analysis of the ten qirat styles, examining their differences and similarities, and understanding the reasons for them.

Significance of Qirat today

This course helps students understand the importance of the ten qirat in present-day society.  The role they play in safeguarding the elegance and genuineness of Quranic recitation.

Benefits of Learning Al-Quran ten Qirat Style

Ten Qirat Online Course at Al-Quran provides an in-depth and comprehensive learning experience. By enrolling in the course, students can unlock multiple benefits of learning ten qirat and appreciate each style of reciting the Quran. Some benefits are

Enhanced Quran Recitation skills

Enhance Quran’s recitation skills by developing proficiency in each qirat style. This will also help them build well-rounded recitation skills and expanding repertoire.

In-depth Understanding

By learning different qirat styles, students get to learn Islam-rich traditions and gain insight into various interpretations of the Quran’s verses without compromising their meanings.

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Understanding of Verbal Differences

By learning each qirat style comprehensively and their verbal differences from each other, the students will be able to recognize the subtle pronunciation variations. This will help maintain the accuracy of each style.

Versatility in Recitation

Students gain versatility in their Quran recitation by learning ten qirat. This will enable them to switch between styles, owing to circumstances or personal preferences.

Tajweed Expertise

Detail learning of specific Tajweed rules and recitation techniques of each qirat style.

Cultural Enrichment

Each qirat style has embedded regional dialects and accents. Learning ten qirat offers an appreciation of the linguistic diversity present among Muslims all over the world.

Why Choose the Al-Quran Ten Qirat Online Course?

Al-Quran provide quality education.

Experience and qualified male and female teachers for each qirat style.

Cover all ten qirat styles so students can master each style.

Regular assessment so the student can track their progress and focus on areas that require improvement.

Use of progress tracking tool to track student’s progress. It allows them to monitor their progress over time and stay focused.

Flexible & customized study plans so students can learn at their own pace from the convenience of their home. It also led people with busy schedules to take classes without them interfering with their lives.

Provide extensive material to practice such as videos, worksheets, and recordings.  The material helps them practice to enhance their understanding of rules and techniques and learn the correct application.


Al-Quran Ten Qirat online course offers a comprehensive course on learning ten qirat. This course will help build proficiency at qirat by understanding the differences in Tajweed rules and pronunciation techniques. Ten qirat courses help students explore Islam’s rich traditions and history of qirat. 

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