A gene with the original sequence of ATGTT—TACT underwent substitution mutation to form ATATT—TACT after a few generations

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After a few generations, a gene with the original sequence of ATGTT—TACT underwent replacement mutation to form ATATT—TACT. ATGTT codes for a digestive enzyme, while TACT is part of a muscle protein-encoding region. What effect will this mutation have?

  • Muscle protein production will be impaired.
  • Digestion enzyme production will be impaired.
  • Both the protein and the enzyme synthesis would be altered.
  • Neither the protein nor the enzyme production will be harmed.

The Correct answer is below:

The third option is, in my opinion, the correct response among the options provided above. The above mutation will have an impact on the synthesis of both the protein and the enzyme. I hope this has answered your question. Have a wonderful day.

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