Beware Of These Traps In Diablo 4 Season 4 The Pit Of Artificers Dungeon System

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For players keen on the endgame, Diablo 4 Season 4: Loot Reborn will introduce a new dungeon known as The Pit of Artificers on May 14. However, it’s crucial to steer clear of some major mistakes when playing through this dungeon system. These errors have the potential to not only hinder your progress or affect your character but also significantly extend your gameplay unnecessarily.

About The Pit Of Artificers

When running The Pit of Artificers, what we need to do is to advance through the Pit levels, get higher-level rewards, and more materials for our Masterworking. The Pit of Artificers works on a 10-minute timer, and the faster you do this, the more efficient you’re going to be in getting materials for upgrading your Diablo 4 items through Masterworking.

Efficient Kiting Technique

The primary strategy for progressing through the Pit dungeons revolves around kiting enemies effectively. While this may be challenging in the early stages, mastering this technique becomes increasingly important as you reach Level 100. Kiting allows you to clear the Pit levels swiftly, leading to faster completion times and gear upgrades.

To achieve this efficiently, avoid engaging with only small groups of enemies at a time. Instead, focus on targeting elites while also drawing in surrounding trash mobs as you navigate through the dungeon. Consolidating 2 or 3 groups of smaller mobs and clearing them out in one go minimizes the need to stop and clear individual groups repeatedly.

Optimize Leveling Efficiency

Another efficiency tip and potential mistake you can make that can cost you a lot of time overall is just being efficient based on the level of the Pit you’re tackling. It will become much more challenging to run the Pit as you progress to higher levels.Of course, you may also need to buy Diablo 4 Gold in advance.

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For instance, if you’re breezing through Level 20 of the Pit in 3 to 4 minutes, but then you reach Level 50 and it takes you 9 minutes to complete, that might not be the most efficient approach. Continuously running Level 50 over and over again for higher-level materials can more than double your time, not to mention the risk of deaths and other mishaps that yield no rewards.

By timing your runs within the 4 to 6-minute range, you ensure efficiency. If it takes longer than that, consider stepping back to lower levels to upgrade your gear until you can efficiently run through them. This approach allows for smoother progression, fewer failed attempts, and ultimately, more effective advancement through the Pit levels.

Masterworking Strategies

Next critical aspect to consider is the changing Pit materials as you progress through the levels. For instance, levels 1 through 20 provide the lowest-level materials, while levels 20 through 40 yield the next level material, and so forth. One common mistake players make in the Pit is rushing to upgrade their gear without considering the availability of some Diablo 4 materials.

Fortunately, in Diablo 4 Season 4, a significant feature was implemented regarding the Masterworking crafting system. Players can continue running higher levels of the Pit, obtaining higher-level material rewards for the Masterworking, and then exchange them for lower-level materials at the Alchemist.

This strategy allows for efficient progression by utilizing higher-level materials to obtain lower-level ones required for gear upgrades. You can also prepare enough d4 gold to help you speed up the process.

Once all gear is upgraded to Level 4, players can further enhance their gear using new materials from higher Pit levels. Should players encounter the need for previous material levels, they can repeat the process, effectively downgrading materials to the desired level.

Prioritize Solo Runs

When playing The Pit of Artificers in groups, it’s crucial to consider the impact on your progress. Running the Pit in groups differs from solo runs, primarily because of the distribution of Masterworking materials. The player who initiates the Pit with the rune shard receives 100% of the Masterworking materials for completing that level, while other party members only receive 50%.

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Unless tackling higher-level Pits that necessitate assistance, solo runs are generally more beneficial, particularly in the early stages. However, if you’re the one opening the Pit with rune shards, group runs can be advantageous for maximizing rewards. Additionally, Uber Unique boss drops, obtained from Torment bosses, require the Stygian Stones dropped from The Pit of Artificers in Diablo 4 Season 4. Only the player opening the Pit level receives these rewards.

By running solo, each party member maximizes rewards and gains access to boss materials, increasing the number of boss fights and chances at Uber Unique drops. Collaboratively running solo allows for multiple boss summons, potentially increasing the chances of acquiring valuable drops. It’s essential to consider these factors to optimize progress and rewards in group play.

Maximize Movement Speed

The key tip to focus on in the Pit is maximizing your movement speed. This may involve using Diablo 4 Items specifically dedicated to the Pit, optimized for maximum movement speed. Since Pit progression is based on how quickly you complete levels, your clearing speed plays a significant role. Faster completions yield more materials, accelerating your gear upgrades and overall progression.

For example, consider equipping boots with a high base movement speed roll, augmented further through Masterworking and additional bonuses, such as Aspects. Combined with an amulet providing substantial movement speed bonuses, you can achieve remarkable speed, potentially reaching 200% movement speed or more. This allows for record-breaking clear times, efficient material farming, and rapid character upgrades.

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