Why VSI CA Intermediate Study Material is Preferred by Students?

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CA Intermediate Study material plays a crucial role in your exam preparation. It helps the students in studying and understanding the topics easily. Regarding the CA Intermediate preparation, VSI study materials are among the most opted for CA Inter study material.

The primary reason why the VSI Jaipur study materials are widely popular is because of their quality and abundance of information. We will discover more benefits about the VSI CA intermediate Study material. But the fact you also need to be aware that these study materials have played a significant role in students CA Inter Result of May 2022. In the last year’s result, VSI secured AIR-1 in the CA intermediate exam, along with 7 other students who got AIR under 50. Till today 4301 students from VSI have passed IPCC which gives the credits to the study material and CA Intermediate classes at VSI.

Why do Students prefer VSI CA Intermediate Study Material?

Let us explore in what ways the VSI study materials are beneficial for the CA Intermediate students,

Crisp and Short Notes

The expert faculties of the respective subject design the VSI CA Inter study materials. These materials cover all the topics according to the ICAI syllabus and mention the essential points. VSI avoid covering the unnecessary and irrelevant things that make the material short and crisp. It helps students to easily understand the concept.

Convenient Presentation

When it comes to study materials, presentation holds great importance because all the topics should be in a proper sequence. The correct sequence not only helps in better understanding but also to co-relate the topics. The VSI CA Intermediate study materials make sure to present the topics in the relevant sequence. The study material also shows the best presentation of the answers that can help in writing answers in the main exams.

VSI Study Materials are made in Easy Language

The language of the study material is imperative because if the material is in an onerous language, it becomes tough for the students to understand. But the VSI study materials are provided in an easy-to-understand language with necessary points that the students should use in the examination.

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Errorless Study Material

Students generally download CA Intermediate study material pdf from various online sources. However, we have seen multiple times that these have errors or outdated information. But that is never in the case with VSI Jaipur’s CA Intermediate study materials. Expert faculties of the same subjects recheck the entire study material numerous times to ensure that students get the errorless study material. Moreover, these are made according to the latest syllabus and material provided by ICAI. Students now can check out the VSI CA Intermediate study material for Nov 2022 exams.

Precise Solutions to the Practical Problems

Often students fail to manage the time because of the overlong solutions, even practical problems. But in the VSI study material for the CA Intermediate course, students get easy and understandable explanations for the practical problems that will consume less time. The VSI materials’ solutions include a proper presentation and additional information for scoring full marks in the exams.

Every Type of Question at one Place

The VSI study compilers cover each type of question from the past year’s papers, modules, and study materials so that the student does not have to bother while practising. Once the student has solved the questions from the compilers, he gets an idea about all the types of questions that can be asked in the exam.

Why you should join VSI for CA Intermediate preparation?

Now, let us come to the significant features of VSI Coaching that drive the students to join the CA Intermediate Classes for their preparation,

Exam-Oriented Classes

VSI always prepares for exam-oriented classes, which is why the CA Intermediate course is for five months. In this way, VSI makes sure that the syllabus is completed on time. So, the students get extra time for revisions and question-solving. Expert and experienced teachers conduct these daily classes. The teachers go through all the topics and complete the syllabus on time.

Mock Test

Mock test is an essential pillar of VSI classes. The mock test contains high-quality questions without any bias so that all the topics are there. The paper is set considering the ICAI question pattern for the CA Intermediate exam. You will get the chance to appear in 3 mock test series for each CA Intermediate subject at VSI. This prepares the student mentally to appear in exams and develops their time management skills.

Proper Study Material

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You now already know why students prefer CA Intermediate study material. Every student needs study material that is easy to understand, covers all topics, has adequate questions, and proper derivations.

Personalized Guidance

At VSI Jaipur institute, customized guidance is given to each student according to their mock test performance. The mock test results help the teacher analyze the weak and the strong point of the students. Based on such information, students will get separate study plans that they can follow for better result. And the teacher also keeps track of each student individually. Read More: Tips to Stay Focussed in Online Classes

How to Join VSI Intermediate Classes?

If you are willing to get a good CA Intermediate Result, you should consider VSI Jaipur CA Intermediate classes. If you also want to join the VSI Classes, then here is the procedure that you need to follow,

For Online Registration

  • Go to the official website of VSI Jaipur.
  • Click on “Register Now”
  • Fill in the form that opens up on the screen.
  • Attach the required documents or send the scanned documents via email.
  • Submit the form and complete the payment procedure.

For Offline Registration

  • Visit the administration office of VSI Jaipur.
  • Ask for the registration form.
  • Fill the form and attach the passport size picture of yourself to it.
  • Submit all the required documents such as ID proof, ICAI registration, Foundation result, etc.
  • Submit the form and complete the fee submission.

After completing your registration and form submission, you must submit the registration fee, i.e., INR 20,000. This fee will be adjusted in the total tuition fee of the Intermediate classes. The fee details of CA Intermediate classes are:

  • The first Group fee is INR 45,000
  • The second Group Fee is INR 45,000
  • Both Group Fee is INR 83,000

If you have any queries or doubts regarding the registration process or any other topics regarding VSI Jaipur, you can submit your query by calling +91 9901798000 or visiting the VSI Jaipur official website. The customer care department will resolve all your doubts within a few hours.


So, that’s all about the VSI Jaipur CA Intermediatrte study material features and benefits that are helping many students crack the exams. You can also opt for VSI Intermediate classes for preparation and secure a good result. Altogether 5 students from VSI have secured AIR 1 in CA IPCC and CA Intermediate examinations. You can be the next one to grab this result. So, all this will be made possible by the proper guidance, best classes, mock test, and high-quality study material provided at VSI.

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