Can You Brush Your Tongue With A Toothbrush?

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More often, you hear about the importance of brushing your teeth and also flossing daily. But what you rarely hear is the need to clean your tongue. But the truth is that tongue brushing is necessary for anyone who is interested in maintaining proper oral hygiene. Most parts of the tongue are covered with bacteria, and this is also the part of the body that has elevations, crevices, and hideouts for bacteria that need to be removed physically.

Why is it essential to brush your tongue?

Professional dentists advise their clients to ensure that their tongues are brushed, and this is for a good reason. Here are some of the amazing reasons why brushing tongue with an ordinary toothbrush is helpful.

1. Prevents periodontal disease

Even for people who maintain a strict brushing regimen, there is still a certain amount of bacteria that forms on the surface of your tongue. These small particles may also have an effect on the general health of your teeth and gums. By making sure that your teeth are brushed every day, problems such as periodontal disease and oral cavities can be prevented every day.

2. Improves your breath

The existence of bacteria on your tongue surface can lead to bad breath. This is something that most people are not comfortable with. It’s always a nuisance and you can never be at ease, especially when you are with people. However, if you can remove the bacteria that make your breath smell bad, then you can improve the health of your oral cavity.

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3. It helps to avoid the formation of the black-hairy tongue

This dark and hair-like appearance is as a result of the tongue getting stained because of excessive consumption of drinks and foods. Drinks that include coffee, wine, and soda are some of the foods that are believed to cause the staining of your tongue. When you brush the surface of your tongue regularly, you can get rid of this and ensure that your tongue looks awesome.

4. Removes dental bacteria

Using gargle and mouthwash doesn’t always help to remove bacteria that are domiciled on your tongue. This is because this bacterium is a sticky film, and unless you brush your tongue with an ordinary toothbrush, it can be hard for you to remove this.

The best way to brush your tongue 

There are ways and techniques that you should adopt while brushing your teeth, and here are some of them.

  • Use an ordinary toothbrush. Some people would think that a fancy item would be better, but it is not. Adopt back and forth strokes and also side-to-side strokes.
  • You can use a  specialist brush.These are frequently on the market. They are available in most of the drug stores in your neighborhood.


Brushing your tongue with a toothbrush offers a wide range of benefits. This simple oral care tool is easily available and it is quite cheap. It’s also almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t know how to use a toothbrush. By brushing your tongue with an ordinary toothbrush, the benefits that you stand to get are many.

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