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Football Stats : How does the best football Stats software work? How to get it and how it works. Best football statistics websites. We will find out everything in this article.

The world of betting is particularly varied and complex. When we talk about football, where most users bet their sums, it becomes essential to know in depth the most complex and profound mechanisms in order to guess the winning result.

To do this, of course, we cannot rely on chance because we would risk only and exclusively losing the stakes and our adventure in the world of betting would end very soon. To make good bets on football results, however, it is necessary to know the constantly updated statistics very thoroughly.

Football statistics are essential to fully understand if our bet will be potentially winning or if it is necessary to review it from scratch. When we talk about statistics, however, the football statistics sites play a fundamental role as they are able to provide us with detailed studies and help us in the final decision.

The statistics, in fact, are not based simply on a collection of data but on the comparison between the data themselves. Betting on a winning team because it is simply the strongest is not a statistic but a wrong way to place your bets.

On the contrary, it is necessary to cross-reference the historical data that have seen the two teams face off over the years; to these must be added all possible information relating to the moment in which the two teams face each other, that is to say at the time of the event on which you bet.

If we think of the last period, where the races are increasingly influenced by the absence of players due to the health emergency, we understand that a mere in-depth historical comparison is useless if you want to place a winning bet.

To our help come several sites that deal precisely with statistics on football. There are many out there and we’ll see which ones are the best shortly.

However, in addition to the sites, there is also another possibility, namely that of relying on software that is able to automatically interpret all the data and information of the statistics.

We have developed MYMIND , a software able to think like a professional trader and to compare all the historical results to suggest you on which events to place your bet with a high percentage of success.

MYMIND software, the best for your football league statistics


Analyzing all football statistics carefully takes a lot of time but in reality we have less and less available. We should compare all the sites and get there to study and cross all possible data on football matches.

It would be much more convenient, however, to have a software that takes care of doing this job for us, saving us precious time and allowing us to bet on safe and reliable results.

MYMIND does just that; he manages to automate the research and analysis work just like a professional sports trader would do, but he does it in a very short time thanks to advanced technology.

First of all, it analyzes the entire world schedule , specifically that relating to football, tennis, basketball, volleyball and table tennis.

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At a later stage, after analyzing the most important events, filter out those that have a matched strategy. It is in the third phase, however, that the software brings out all its valuable features.

In fact, inside there is a database with over 150,000 past events and it is precisely by analyzing these events that it is able to recommend those with a high percentage of success .

How MYMIND works

MYMIND operation is really simple and intuitive. It is based on a star rating system . This way you can easily identify all the events with the highest success rate; basically these are classified with one, two or three stars which indicate respectively 75%, 80% and 88% probability of success.

By choosing the events with the highest probability it will be much easier for you to start earning immediately. In fact, just follow the instructions of the MYMIND strategy on the event you have chosen and then try to place the bet.

How to get MYMIND

MYMIND is only available on pc and you can get it directly by clicking here . Just register on the site and, once logged in, you can also choose between three different packages.

Read all the instructions of Mymind and you will understand that this software with artificial intelligence replaces a Professional Sports Trader. We developed it precisely to avoid all the hard work of selection and analysis. 

Are you looking for software that can automate the research and analysis of football statistics?

MyMind is all about making the earning process easier for you. It has advanced technology that can quickly analyze football, tennis, basketball, volleyball and table tennis events. This way you can start earning right away.

The football statistics sites


After having carefully studied the statistics on the most important matches thanks to the MYMIND software, it is still essential to use the football statistics sites in order to place a winning bet.

Although this may seem like an extra step, it is actually of fundamental importance because it allows you to obtain satisfactory and winning results even in the long term. Sports trading cannot be done without analyzing statistics .

Fortunately, football statistics sites come to our aid, which offer us complete data and information to be able to choose which strategy to use based on the types of bets.

A site of this type must be as complete as possible; it must have its internal not only the results of previous sporting events but also give the possibility to cross data and to make comparisons and to verify how the results have changed over time.

It goes without saying, then, that graphics and interface play a key role in determining whether one football statistics site is better than another.

The data must always be clear and can be analyzed and more comparable data must appear on the screen; this to allow us to have a global vision that allows us to change our strategy during the races. So let’s see which are the best football statistics sites.


This is a site recently launched on the market and which aims to become one of the best sites to offer graphs and tables of live football matches and all statistics related to events.

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ScoreTrend owes much of its success to live statistics and puts the user in front of captivating and intuitive graphics; there are colored bars that change every 30 seconds and that provide different information on the progress of the race and allow the player to decide the best strategy to adopt.

There is also a mobile version for smartphones that can run on both the Android and iOS operating systems. Thanks to the bar graphics, the player can change strategy in real time and adopt the winning one even during the game.

The intellectual property of the bar graphs and of Gianluca Landi who, together with his team, developed this particular easy-to-read interface for bettors.

Football Statistics : is one of the most consulted sites for live scores not only for football but also for all other sports and is always updated. The main feature of is to have the odds history of all the main betting markets . It is certainly one of the most popular football statistics sites in Italy. 

In this way, bettors can also check the odds of past results and see their progress.

It is a football statistics site recommended even for the less experienced as the analyzes are always well done and the graphics are very simple and intuitive. Another feature is the H2H statistics of the two rival teams and that offers bettors a history that reaches up to 20 years back.


Soccer Statistics : This is one of the most used sites by those who want to set up a correct betting exchange strategy .

Soccerstats is a constantly evolving site that constantly implements available functions and statistical data; this means that it may happen to see its layout and user interface change over time.

This happens because there are many every day, trying to steal the statistics on football matches by forcing the site managers to change the position of the same.

While this may seem like an impediment to its use, in reality it is a strength since it means that the statistics within it are extremely complete, detailed and reliable.


Betexplorer is very well organized, it allows us to view statistics such as the average goal for example, by affixing the appropriate filters. Interesting is the possibility of seeing strips of results in a row of the teams that allow us to always have a clear and detailed view on the progress of the team we are following. In addition to football, other sports are also present.

As we have seen, the importance of the study of statistics is testified by the care with which these and other sites are managed.

The best way to do professional sports trading is to help yourself with a software, such as MYMIND and assist all the work with an in-depth study of the main football statistics sites to be able to make our online sports bets in the best way.

The big difference between Mymind and football statistics sites is your time. You have to carefully evaluate if you want to spend whole days doing analysis, or have all the work done directly from our MYMIND software .

By Zain Liaquat

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