Has Horizon 2020 Achieved Its Major Research Initiatives

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Every country starts research initiatives with fixed terms. These research initiatives will execute different agendas. There may be a research program whose agenda can be improving the economy. At the same time, there may be a program whose focus is sustainability. Horizon 2020 is one of the largest European Union research and innovation programs. This research program also has an agenda. Its agenda is to help Europe maintain its global research and innovation competitiveness. The total budget of this research program is 79 billion euros. It is one of the highest budgets for any research program. Horizon 2020 has three major aims, and those are:

  • It will help Europe in world-class science.
  • It will help to remove innovation barriers.
  • Further, it will help both the public and private sectors to work together.

Currently, more than 150,000 scientists are working in this research program. They are working on more than 31,000 projects. Apart from the aims mentioned above, this program has four major goals. This article aims to discuss those four goals in detail. It will also discuss has this program achieved them or not. So, let’s discuss in detail:

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Key Goals of Horizon 2020:

As mentioned earlier, Horizon 2020 has four major goals. Those goals are:

  • Building a low-carbon, climate-resilient future
  • Connecting economic and environmental gains- the Circular Economy
  • Digitizing and transforming European industry and services
  • Boosting the effectiveness of the Security Union
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The allotted budget for these goals is more than 7 billion euros. Let’s discuss each goal in detail:

Building a Low-Carbon, Climate-Resilient Future:

It is the first major goal of Horizon 2020. The allotted budget for this goal is 3.7 billion euros. The prime purpose of this goal is to work on climate change. It will align research and development with climate change. Climate change is one of the major focuses of the Paris Agreement. Apart from this, it is key agenda of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This way, it will fight against the high carbon climate to begin a new era. Research and innovation for dissertation writing and other aspects will play a great role in achieving this goal. They will provide ground-breaking ideas and solutions to meet this target. This goal aims to achieve carbon neutrality and resilience by the end of the second half of the century.

Connecting Economic and Environmental Gains- The Circular Economy:

It is another major goal of Horizon 2020 that will consider research and innovation help. The allotted budget for this program is more than 1 billion. This program will help to build a circular economy. A circular economy is a type of economy that will follow the production model on sharing basis. Apart from this, it will follow repairing and reusing models. Research and innovation will help to build industries and create jobs. This way, it will maintain industrial competitiveness. The prime purpose of Horizon 2020 is to maintain Europe’s competitiveness. This program will play a great role in achieving this goal with the help of a circular economy.

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Digitizing and Transforming European Industry and Services:

It is the third major goal of Horizon 2020. The allotted budget for this goal is 1.8 billion euros. It will help to digitize and transform European industry. Again, it will consider research and innovation for better integration and coordination. This program will help to digitize products and services. This way, it will change the whole look of the industry. Apart from this, research and innovation will provide different solutions for different challenges. It will consider using every possible digital opportunity to make this sector better.

Boosting the Effectiveness of the Security Union:

Horizon 2020 aims to boost and prioritize the European Security Union in this goal. The allotted budget for this goal is more than 1 billion euros. The prime purpose of this goal is to confront the challenges Europe is facing in educational research. These include challenges like cybercrimes, security threats and man-made disasters.

Final Results of Horizon 2020 Goals:

Horizon 2020 aimed to achieve major goals by the end of the century’s second half. Till now, almost 20% of goals have been completed.


This article discussed the aspects of Horizon 2020. It is one of the highly funded research and innovation programs. It has four major goals, and the allotted budget for these goals is more than 7 billion. According to the report, it has achieved 20% of the goals. It aims to achieve the rest of the goals by the end of the century’s second half.

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