Is Packaging Important At The Point Of Sale When Selling Shirts?

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Everyone who has ever bought a shirt, whether for themselves or as a gift for someone else, will tell you that shirt boxes are always a plus point, huge value addition to the product itself. The reasons behind this are many. As a company that sells shirts, you always have an option to package your shirts in a plain sleeve, customized sleeve, plain shirt box, or customized shirt box. The best choice for any brand is always a shirt box. Not only do shirt boxes have loads of options, but they also help boost your brand in various ways.

As a shirt-selling company, shirt boxes are the best investment you can make as far as packaging goes. There are many reasons for that as shirt boxes have many benefits.

Why Shirt Boxes are Important


Companies that still sell shirts in plain boxes or sleeves are missing out on a huge opportunity for brand visibility. Shirt boxes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. This way, they can be good for however big or small the order of shirts is. The better option is always individual packaging for each shirt. You can customize the boxes as per your liking and with your company’s logo and design. Trendy, chic designs are eye-catching and this increases your brand visibility.

Durability & Protection:

 Shirt boxes are a great way to ensure that your product is safe from the elements and doesn’t get damaged during transportation. Shirt boxes are durable so that they can last a long time and that means that you can keep them in storage for a long time before use even, as they don’t have any material that can go bad.

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Gift Packaging: 

Shirt boxes are a great way to make your product a gift item. Boxes can be designed so that whether the shirts are being bought for personal use or gifting purposes, the box does not require any more embellishment. Shirt boxes can be created in a minimalist way or have lots of adornments. To make them easy to gift, they can have gold or silver foil printing on them to make them look extra special.

Professional Outlook: 

With so many packaging options available, companies still selling their shirts in sleeves are at a disadvantage. Shirt boxes wholesale make your brand look much more professional, and they give your customer a feeling that their purchase decision is given a lot of merits and the company cares about them.

Importance Of Shirt Boxes At Time Of Sales:

The point of sale is the last stop of a customer at any brick-and-mortar store. At this point, customers, as per research, customers are mainly looking straight ahead or slightly downwards and their main intention is to get out of the store with their purchase items. When you are a company selling shirts, the packaging is an essential aspect of your brand’s image. When you receive the customer at the point of sale, after the customer’s purchase items have been rung up. They will expect you to package the shirts they have bought. From the customer’s point of view, packaging a sweater in a proper shirt box. And since the customer is king, this should also be your priority. Making this task easy pays to have everything organized and ready to be put together. It is also an excellent investment to have an extra person at the POS counter to package the shirt in the right shirt boxes so that work is done efficiently and smoothly. Since the line has to keep moving, an extra set of hands for packaging makes a lot of difference.

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The packaging should be set up such that the shirt boxes and any other packaging stuff, like lining paper, company brochure, etc.,. They are kept aligned and ready to put together. And You should well train the person responsible for packaging to be able to fold the shirt properly. Put it in an already lined box, put in whatever else is needed. Hand the shirt box to the customer in the least amount of time. Packaging at the point of sale is very important, especially if done right. As it gives your brand a very professional feel.

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