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Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, is one of the most significant festivals celebrated across India. The word “Dussehra” is derived from two Sanskrit words, “Dasha” meaning ten and “Hara” meaning defeat. Dussehra symbolizes the victory of good over evil, as it commemorates the triumph of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana. The epic Ramayana narrates the story of how Lord Rama, with the help of his loyal brother Lakshmana and the monkey god Hanuman, defeated Ravana and rescued his wife Sita from captivity. This victory of righteousness over wickedness is the central theme of Dussehra. While Dussehra is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the country, some destinations offer a unique and unforgettable experience. In 2023, as we prepare to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Today, we’ll explore some must-visit Dussehra destinations that showcase India’s rich cultural heritage and traditions.

Mysore, Karnataka 

Mysore, often referred to as the ‘City of Palaces,’ is renowned for its grand Dussehra celebrations. The Mysore Palace, a stunning architectural masterpiece, takes center stage during this festival. The entire palace is illuminated with thousands of light bulbs, creating a mesmerizing sight. The grandeur of the royal procession, known as ‘Jumboo Savari,’ is a sight to behold. It features a decorated elephant carrying the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari, followed by an entourage of musicians and dancers. The streets come alive with vibrant processions and cultural performances, making Mysore a top Dussehra destination for 2023. And, this year if you don’t want to go for online gift ideas for Dussehra. On the streets of Mysore, you will get a bunch of handcrafted items for gifting.

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Kolkat, West Bengal 

Kolkata’s Dussehra celebration, known as ‘Durga Puja,’ is a cultural extravaganza like no other. Elaborate pandals (temporary structures) are erected throughout the city, each showcasing artistic creativity and devotion. The heart of the celebration lies in the immersion of beautifully crafted idols of Goddess Durga in the Hooghly River. The sound of dhak (drums) reverberates through the streets as processions accompany the idols to the river. The entire city buzzes with energy, and the vibrant atmosphere is infectious. Here, every shops give exciting ideas for making your loved ones happy by offline and online gift hampers delivery. 

Kullu, Himachal Pradesh 

Kullu in Himachal Pradesh is known for its unique and rustic Dussehra celebration. Unlike other regions, where the festival commemorates the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana, in Kullu, it honors Lord Raghunath, the reigning deity of the valley. The Dussehra celebrations here extend for seven days, during which various deities from the nearby temples are carried in colorful processions. The sight of deities on elaborately decorated palanquins, surrounded by devotees, is a mesmerizing spectacle. The valley comes alive with cultural performances, folk dances, and fairs, making it a must-visit destination for Dussehra enthusiasts in 2023.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India, celebrates Dussehra with deep religious fervor. The ghats of the holy Ganges River witness special aarti (prayer) ceremonies during this time. Devotees gather on the banks to witness the grand Ram Leela performances, depicting the life and victories of Lord Rama. On Dussehra, effigies of Ravana, Meghanada, and Kumbhakarna are set ablaze, symbolizing the victory of good over evil. The spectacle of these towering effigies catching fire against the backdrop of the Ganges is awe-inspiring.

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Kota, Rajasthan

Kota’s Dussehra is known for its impressive effigies of Ravana, Meghnad, and Kumbhakarna. These towering structures, often exceeding 75 feet in height, are set ablaze in a spectacular display of fireworks and pyrotechnics. The city’s cultural events and fairs make Kota a vibrant Dussehra destination.

Bastar, Chhattisgarh

Bastar, located in the heart of India, is known for its unique and tribal Dussehra celebrations. Here, the festival extends for 75 days, making it one of the longest Dussehra celebrations in the country. The highlight of Bastar’s Dussehra is the ‘Mavli Par Ghav’ or the ‘Bison-Horn Maria’ tribe’s celebration. The tribals create wooden figurines of deities, and the entire community participates in the festivities. The event includes traditional dances, songs, and rituals that provide a rare glimpse into the rich tribal culture of India.

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Dussehra is not just a festival; it’s a cultural extravaganza that reflects the diversity and vibrancy of India. In 2023, as you plan your Dussehra celebrations, consider visiting these must-visit destinations to experience the festival in all its glory. Whether you choose the grandeur of Mysore, the artistic flair of Kolkata, the rustic charm of Kullu, the spiritual aura of Varanasi, or the tribal traditions of Bastar, each destination offers a unique perspective on this auspicious festival. These Dussehra destinations not only celebrate the victory of good over evil but also serve as windows to India’s rich heritage and cultural tapestry.

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