Online Quran Classes – An Affordable and Convenient Way to Learn Islam

By Zain Liaquat 4 Min Read

Your life may be busy with work, school, and family, but you’ve always wanted to learn more about the Islamic faith. Perhaps you have some Muslim friends and would like to know more about their beliefs or perhaps you just want to improve your understanding of Islam. If so,  Quran classes online are the perfect way to learn how to read the Quran and increase your knowledge of Islam while still being able to balance other responsibilities in your life! Here are 5 reasons why online Quran classes might be exactly what you need!

The benefits of taking an online quran class

The best thing about taking an online quran class is that you can do it anywhere, anytime. This makes it possible for people who have busy schedules to be able to learn about their religion. Another advantage of an online quran class is that you are able to connect with someone else in the group at any time. One final benefit of taking an online quran class is that the cost is often cheaper than if you were to attend a live course.

What are the courses available?

What we offer is an Islamic studies course, a Quranic memorization course, and courses that teach Tajweed. What’s great about our courses is that they are offered online so you can learn from the comfort of your own home. Another benefit is that our courses are affordable compared to most Islamic schools. All the classes are taken at your own pace which allows people who live busy lives like teachers or full-time mothers to attend.
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How long do these courses last?

The courses vary in length, with our 30-day introductory course being the shortest. Our Premium class takes 7-10 months, while our Online Course takes 10-12 months. It is up to you as the student to determine how much time you have available for your course.
It takes a commitment of 20 minutes a day, six days a week for our Introduction Course (30 days) or 1 hour a day for five days (50 days). But we understand that people lead busy lives, so if it’s not possible for you then make sure that at least two of your five sessions are on weekends. For any of the other courses there is no set time; it’s completely up to you and what fits best into your schedule.

Where do students come from?

Students of our Quran classes online are located all over the world. They enjoy being able to learn at their own pace with some flexibility in the timings of lessons. They also enjoy learning with Muslims from other countries around the world, who are living in more similar environments as themselves. This helps them feel connected and welcome within the course.

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