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Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

SEO course

Improve your website’s search engine rankings naturally and gain valuable customers without spending money on paid advertising. Learn SEO best practices, tools, tips and strategies and apply them to your website.

This course is the course of a lifetime, our company has provided our clients and students with value and expertise in search engine optimization like no other in the UAE.

In our SEO training in Dubai you will learn how to optimize your website for search engines, especially Google, and outrank your competitors. You will learn how to do keyword analysis, how to build backlinks naturally, how to optimize web content, and much more.  You can learn SEO strategies that will help you achieve top rankings in search results.

Gain an edge over your competition with hands-on lessons on search engine optimization (SEO) and competitive keyword analysis. In this one-day course, you will learn advanced search engine optimization tips, tools and strategies to improve your website optimization.

What you will learn: Topics with insights and practical examples.

Introduction to SEO.

What is search engine optimization?

Why should we actively work on our SEO strategy?

The time it takes to get real results from SEO.

How Google search works – Google’s search engine algorithms.

21 secret SEO strategies that everyone with a website should know and will be covered in the course.

Keyword research

Understanding the content hierarchy with detailed examples.

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Brainstorming in groups, developing initial keyword ideas.

Using Google Suggest.

Using People Ask.

Google’s keyword planner is a hidden gem.

Other tools to help you find effective keywords.

Google Trends to find the latest and most searched trends.

Finding foreign language keywords.

Best practices for website SEO.

Write page titles with examples to convert potential customers.

Effective META descriptions with examples.

Why you should not waste time calculating META keywords.

The hidden gem, “Yoast SEO Plugin.”

The importance of CTR and how to improve it.

Optimizing page content to improve overall page ranking in search results.

How to format content.

Image SEO optimization: using images on the site and incorporating SEO optimization into images.

SEO-appropriate domain name and URL structure.

Internal links [page navigation, breadcrumbs, footers, etc.

Understanding the Google index and Google crawlers.

Mobile-friendly and responsive web design.

Analyze page loading speed using Google’s Page Speed Insights tool.

Finding one’s location on Google Maps.

Optimizing the company’s Google profile.

The importance of Google reviews.

Best practices for off-site SEO

Understanding backlinks

Reviewing and using Google Search Console to improve your site.

Identify who is linking to you and correct bad links.

Understand domain authority using Mozbar.

Tips and tools to analyze your competitors and find out what they do better than you.

Getting natural links.

Modern link building options.

Social sharing.

SEO and public relations.

Partnership marketing (co-marketing).

SEO on YouTube.

User engagement: why and how

Content marketing and SEO.

The concept of combined SEO

301 redirects: why?

Should I outsource search engine optimization to an agency?

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Personalized help from a caring mentor who truly wants your business to grow.

SEO tips for 2022 and beyond.

Who it is for?

If you own a business or are part of a business that sells products and services and already has an online presence, you are in the right place. With this SEO course, you will discover and learn new ways to improve search engine optimization and market your products to your audience by harnessing the power of search engine optimization.

If you want to become a professional search engine optimizer and earn freelance income for companies or get contracts from individuals, this course is also a good idea for you. You will be able to manage and administer SEO campaigns for your clients and provide them with effective results.

If you’re a student looking to expand your CV, learn something new and challenge yourself at the same time, this course is for you. Today’s employers are looking for skills such as search engine optimization and Google Analytics, and by completing this course you’ll have a better chance of landing your dream job.

We welcome anyone who wants to learn and understand SEO, whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate in the field.

Even those with more knowledge can gain important insights and new techniques.

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