Tips And Tricks to Have Perfect Nails 

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Healthy nails, even the non-manicured results of good nail care, are one of those less obvious confidence boosters, similar to having to wear a fancy pair of underpants just because or spending a fortune on beautiful socks to wear under your shoes. 


Whether nail care to you is a form of personal care, one of your many pleasures, or just regular maintenance, keeping your nails in good shape is an investment worth making. The good news is that healthy nails demand a reasonable amount of time and effort rather than money. 


Rather than expensive nail tools, simple lifestyle habits are the best way to achieve stronger, longer nails. However, getting healthy nails requires giving up all your lousy nail habits, such as using your nails as a DIY box cutter. This article highlights doable, helpful nail tips on nail care’s everyday dos and don’ts. Follow these steps, and you’ll have healthier, longer nails in no time. 

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Keep your hands as clean as possible. 


It’s a no-brainer that you need to wash your hands as often as possible to get gel nail colours. Don’t let your nails grow too long because microbes and dirt can quickly accrue within them. Regularly clean your nails at home and sanitize your nail care tools before and after each use. Trim your nails straight through and then around the tips to create a curve to prevent dirt from getting shoved into the skin. After washing your hands, make sure your nails are immaculate by cleaning all polish smears and residues with an acetone-free remover that won’t dry out your nails. Apply a cleanser devoid of harsh, drying chemicals to a clean toothbrush, then tenderly scrub your nails and surrounding skin to get rid of dirt and dead skin. 


Natural disinfectants, such as any essential oil, can help destroy bacteria and keep infections at bay. 

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Keep your nails moisturized. 


It’s not news that your beauty regimen is incomplete without proper moisturization. However, moisturization is frequently overlooked when it comes to nail care. While various factors can cause dry, brittle nails, they ultimately boil down to a lack of moisture, so make proper moisture the cornerstone of your nail care routine. Give your nails special attention when applying hand lotion. There are numerous moisturizing nail products on the market, but applying moisturizer is only half the battle—strong nails require more than a fancy cream or serum. 


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Avoid nail contact with water. 


Do not stop washing your hands or showering with gloves, but do consider ways to reduce the time your nails are in contact with water, as excess water contact can erode nail structure. Damp hair is highly susceptible, and the same precautions you take when handling wet hair also pertain to nail care. Consider wearing gloves when doing the dishes or other wet work. 


Do you know how your nails get soft and bendy after a long shower? Consider the following: The nail is similar to a sponge. For example, it absorbs 1,000 times more water than the skin, so water can easily permeate through the nails. Excessive water exposure can cause brittleness, peeling, and breakage in delicate nail cells called onychocytes. 


This is also why soaking your nails before getting a manicure is a bad idea. This not only makes your nails more susceptible to infection, but it also makes nail polish adhere and last less well. 




Be Delicate 


Gentle nail care is the best. To begin, avoid digging invasively beneath your nails. You don’t want to use the pointy end of a nail file to dig underneath your nails to get the dirt out because this can separate the nail plate from the underlying bed, resulting in a bacterial or fungal infection. 

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Similarly, you should resist the temptation to use your nails as replacement tools, no matter how convenient it may be (your nails are not box cutters). And, if you do opt for an acrylic or gel manicure, which you should do sparingly, proper removal is critical. When you peel off acrylic or gel nails, you’re actually peeling layers of your nail and the nail plate, which will weaken your nails—a big no-no. 


Protect Your Cuticles 


The cuticle serves an important function: it seals the area at the base of the nail. So think twice before cutting or removing the cuticle, as this can break the protective seal, leaving you susceptible to microbes and potential infections. Proper maintenance of your cuticles also helps to reduce hangnails. 


Let your nails breathe. 


Save the elaborate nail art and the bright colors with loads of pigment for the weekend, and let your nails rest and repair with a clear gloss the rest of the week. Going from one rich polish color to the next without a break can dry your nails, turn them yellow, and even weaken the nail’s structure over time. 


Nail polish removers could also be to blame for your brittle nails. Going all-natural can sometimes be just what your nails need to revitalize and refresh. 




Healthy habits and patience pay off when it comes to nail care. If you suffer from brittle nails and frequent breakage, the tricks and tips listed here are a perfect place to begin your journey to healthier, stronger nails. 



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