Tuition Class Mathematics: A Perfect Mode of Learn Student’s Maths

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Mathematics requires a lot of practice to understand the basic concepts that are an essential part of learning. Once you understand the concepts, mathematics learning becomes very interesting. Mathematics tuition was found necessary for students to help them build a strong foundation in mathematical concepts that would help them perform well in any field of science. Online tuition for math provides students with proper guidance to develop their problem-solving skills and apply the same appropriately.

Online Tuition for Mathematics

Various learning management institutions nowadays are offering online tuition for mathematics which is found quite beneficial for students. The online learning apps are designed for this purpose to allow students easy access to the online mode of learning using simple digital tools and techniques. The audio, video, and conference facilities help students to interact and share views just like live classroom sessions.

Methods Applied in Mathematics Tuition

The methods applied in the mathematics tuition must be simple yet effective to make students interested and engaged in learning. The online tuitions are as good as classroom sessions in providing individualized attention to students and helping them clarify their doubts. The expert mentors identify the areas where the students lack knowledge and clarity on concepts. The tutors accordingly focus on the improvement of students through practice-oriented learning like worksheets and assignments. Mathematics deals with problem-solving and handling assignments, so the method of tuition must align with this approach. The learning aptitude of different students varies widely so the aim should be to create a learning environment that children can enjoy and learn as per their ability. The use of application-based models, real-life examples, quizzes, and puzzles are some of the best methods to make kids learn the basic concepts simply and conveniently.

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Prime Numbers: Numbers With Only 2 Factors

The prime number is defined as numbers that are divisible only by 1 and the number itself. In other words, prime numbers are numbers with two factors such as  1 and the number itself. A few prime numbers, for example, are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17,19,23,29 etc.

Are the Digits 31 and 35 Prime Numbers?

Let’s find out whether the digits 31 and 35 are prime numbers.

The digit 31 has only two factors i.e. 1 and 31. Hence, it is a prime number.

On the other hand, the digit 35 has more than two factors i.e. 1,5,7, and 35. Therefore, 35 is not a prime number as it has more than two factors.

Types of Prime Numbers

  • Twin Prime Numbers: Twin prime numbers are the successive odd numbers that differ by 2. For example, (3,5), (5,7), (11,13),(17,19), etc.
  • Co-prime Or Relatively Prime Numbers:  Co-prime are the prime numbers not having common factors other than 1 or the greatest common factor of these number are 1 or -1. For example, 15 and 28 are considered co-primes because factors of 15 are 1,3, 5, and 15 whereas factors of 28 are (1, 2, 4, 7, 14, and 28). Therefore, 15 and 28 are co-primes because the common factor among both the numbers is only 1.

Some Fun Facts about Prime Numbers

  • The digit 2 is the smallest and even prime number.
  • All odd numbers are not prime numbers. For example, 21, 39, etc.
  • No prime number greater than 5 ends in a 5.
  • There are 25 prime numbers from 1 to 100.
  • The number 1 is not a prime number.
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