Understanding Market Research Process for Marketing Dissertation

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The market research process is all about collecting data through which the market runs. It may be the information about the new product launch in the market or about the old product. You can analyse what services one can offer to their clients through the market research process. Research on the product’s specific characteristics is necessary while doing market research.

It shows how you can face the target market and run this hyper-competitive market. If a different market sells the same and includes the product, how can one be superior to another? Past efforts affect a lot in the future. This article covers the information about how the market research process goes. You can use this guide to conduct the research process for your marketing dissertation.

Market Research Process:

The market research process needs accurate information about the market. It includes what changes occurred in which circumstances. Research a lot about the market’s history to see what changes occurred. People in this modern world use the internet to take advantage of online services and platforms to analyse market trends. People may not be aware of which products the company launched. Researchers work on both sides, for the market and the people. They also identify the needs of the people and then analyse them. In this way, the new product’s risk of failure reduces.

PhD students can use marketing trends to analyse the effectiveness of a product and its impact on their dissertation. The easy way is first to make a graph about the demand for the product. It provides you with knowledge about the customer’s attitude and interest in the product. Through this, the businessman or wholesaler taking improved market decisions.

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Steps to Perform Marketing Research Process:

The marketing research process is not complicated. Do you want to know the marketing research process strategies and how you can use them in your dissertation? If yes, then this article will help you a lot.

Make your marketing research easy and exciting by following the guidelines by which you can complete your marketing thesis.

Develop Marketing Research Process:

Now we need to create a marketing strategy to investigate the research point we are looking to analyse. You can use the conflicts in the research topic that you are trying to address to see the trends you need to look at. You can use various processes to conduct your research.

Let’s go through some research approaches to assist you in constructing your study plan:

  • Conduct interviews with the customers to get source data.
  • Conduct surveys.
  • Provide query forms for the audience to fill.

Gather data About Marketing Research:

Gather data about the marketing strategies and industry development. When you collect the data, most of it will be quantitative. You will learn about the running marketing strategies. Try not to rely on what other researchers say and collect qualitative data. It will ensure that you cover all your basis for the market research and have catered customer points. In this step, you have to collect the customer’s thoughts by conducting interviews or surveys for your research.

Take Customer Feedback in Market Research Process:

You need to clarify your research from the customers. It is the simplest and most effective step. In this step, you have to analyze the customer’s thoughts by taking feedback from them on your research. You make a representative sample and provide it to 100 clients. In this phase, your research is all focused on customer verification. See what the customer tells you in your thoughts or research. You can take customers’ feedback on an online platform. Give them a form, ask questions to them about your research and observe what they say. Customer feedback in a market research process is essential.

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Analyse the Data:

It would be best to analyse your research from the customer’s perspective. It is the simplest and the most effective step. You make a sample representing patterns in the data collected.

Data analysis shows the understanding of how you collect the data of the research. It also identifies the flow of the research patterns and details of the facts. During the data analysis step, the researcher determines the problem’s information. Analyzing the data characteristics, research designs and techniques is also necessary.

Conclude your Market Research Process:

Carefully conduct the results or outputs to complete your market research process. It requires your hard work and efforts. Conclude the topic with the research that is authentic and can be acceptable. See whether the research conducted negates or proves the research question you were trying to address. Give benefits not only to the audience but also to the one who is the owner of the business. Mentions your suggestion or opinion on the matter is the last step of the market research process. Write clear and effective points that declare your findings.


Although all research project follows a specific process, marketing research also follows a generalized process. Through this, you can make your market research relevant and impactful. This article aims to provide you with the necessary steps for the market research process. University professors demand the thesis on time. It is one hardest step every candidate do to complete their PhD degree. With this help, you can cover your marketing PhD dissertation help effectively.

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