What Are Refurbished Samsung Phones and What You Can Expect from Them?

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The cost of smartphones has been increasing steadily over the years. Every time a company releases a new phone, they increase the price. It has gotten to a point that many current phones are too expensive for most people to purchase. Fortunately, you can get a refurbished device from a mobile shop at a much more affordable rate.

But what is a refurbished phone and what kind of quality can you expect from them? Many people hesitate to purchase these devices because they worry about the phone’s function and how long it will last. We explain everything there’s to know about these phones so you can decide whether they are suitable for your requirements.

What Are Refurbished Samsung Phones?

Refurbished Samsung phones are essentially used phones that have been cleaned, date-wiped, restored, and repacked to be sold to a new owner. Buyers get a pre-owned device that is perfectly functional and serves its purpose well.

This is much like buying a used car or something similar. While the phones are restored to good working order, they often don’t need any repairs in the first place. Most of these phones are fairly new and returned to the store within the 30-day cooling period post-purchase. Some are only gently used and look brand new.

If you buy refurbished Samsung phones from a reliable and reputable store, you don’t get devices with dents, scratches, or any noticeable performance issues. Those kinds of phones are typically only available on platforms like eBay and purchased by people who know how to repair phones on their own.

Different Types of Refurbished Phones

A reliable mobile shop will offer a good refurbished phone that looks and behaves just like brand new phones do. When you are looking to buy these kinds of phones, you may encounter different kinds. We explain the common terms to look out for:

  • Manufacturer Refurbished – Some phones are refurbished by the manufacturers themselves. This happens when the phones have been returned because of a manufacturing defect, the defect is repaired, and then the device is sold as manufacturer refurbished. These devices have original components and are built according to the manufacturer’s standards, which makes them an appealing purchase.
  • Sim-Free Phones – Some phones are sold SIM-free, which means there is no sim card or repayment plan attached. You own the phone completely and can choose the service provider.
  • Renewed – Renewed phones are almost perfect when you look at them from an arm’s length away. These phones barely have any scratches or dents and may only have around three blemishes. They are the most preferable kind of refurbished Samsung phones available in the market.
  • Grade A – Grade-A phones have normal amounts of wear and tear like minor blemishes or slight marks. These phones may look a little-used but they are still visually appealing and function as well as newly-purchased devices.
  • Grade B – These devices have a few more scratches and dents that indicate a little rough handling but nothing significant or very noticeable. You won’t see any heavy cracks or damage on the device and it will function well. However, you will be able to tell it is a well-used device when you unpack it.
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There are grades C and D available at more affordable rates that have more damage but these typically aren’t sold in a reputable mobile shop that sells refurbished devices.

What Is Checked During Testing?

 Most sellers of refurbished Samsung phones will check the devices thoroughly before they sell them to ensure the devices are functional. Different shops have different standards but the most trustworthy establishments will follow the IMEI quality standards, which are pretty stringent. A stringent quality check involves looking at:

  • Screen condition
  • Case
  • Phone buttons like the volume rocker and the power button
  • Touch screen functionality
  • USB port
  • Bluetooth and connectivity
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Sensors
  • Natter
  • SIM reader
  • Accelerometer
  • Software support and details

If the device passes all of these tests, it is put up for sale. A quality-checked smartphone will last for at least a year and more under gentle use. Seeing that some of the refurbished phones are nearly 40% cheaper than new devices, this is a pretty great deal.

The Benefit to the Environment

Many perfectly functional devices end up in landfills and recycling centers because people upgrade or return the products after an initial inspection. That can be a massive burden on the environment, which is why many people have started to buy refurbished Samsung phones. The biggest advantage is that most of these phones are just as good as new phones and you can even get late models so there is no need to give up the advantages of upgrades.

Many mobile shops also upgrade the operating system to ensure the device has the latest version of the OS. If you choose the right shop and device, you will be very happy with your purchase.

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