What are the 7 Principles of Graphic Designing?

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Graphic design is both a field of study that can help individuals with their everyday work and art, as well as a profession that some go into for monetary gain”. The unique style of design has been around for many years and is constantly changing, but graphic designers are consistently here to make the world more attractive or functional. In this article, we will discuss what graphic designing is all about, give you tips on how you can become a successful designer, as well as provide some tips on how to get started.


What is Graphic Designing?


Graphic designing is the artwork of creating a visual representation of an idea or concept. The most common form that graphic designers use is called print design which contains images or text, but can also contain animation or video. This type of design has to be visually appealing so that it attracts the eye and will likely be read by a customer or passed around for others to see. Graphic design can be used for a number of different purposes including brochures, flyers, and advertisements. It can also be used to make objects and products more visually appealing.


What is Required of a Graphic Designer?


A graphic designer needs to have a creative ability, be able to constructively criticize ideas and concepts, and understand how the layout of the design can impact the effectiveness. A good designer must also stay up to date on current marketing trends so they can make their products or designs more attractive.

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How Much do Designers Make?


The average annual salary for a graphic designer is around $40,000 per year. Depending on where you are located and what field of design you are working in, could vastly increase your salary.


7 Essential Principles of Graphic Designing :


The following is a list of basic principles that every good graphic designer follows. These 7 essentials will help guide the development of your design. By having these in mind, you can make sure your design is cohesive and professional:


1)Make Your Design Simple: The easiest way to avoid confusion is by ensuring your design is uncomplicated and easy to read. This means avoiding complex or intricate features that might not be necessary for the project. In short, stay on the same page with your audience!


2)Distinguish Between Types of Information: When designing anything from a flyer to a logo, it’s important to use different shapes and patterns with contrasting colors so that important information can easily stand out from everything else. Learn: what-software-does-a-graphic-designer-use


3)Use Contrast to Make a Strong Visual Statement: A strong visual message can be created by using contrasting colors, patterns, fonts and sizes in your design as well as adding shadows and highlights to show change.


4)Create Balance: It is important to use different elements of art to create balance. While a strong composition creates an emphasis on one element, secondary elements help create a harmonious image.


5)Be Consistent: Consistency is the key to creating a cohesive design that will look at home in any industry. This means that images should be sharp and clear and fonts must be legible.

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6)Use Meaningful Typography: Typography is an important part of any design. You should never create a design without first thinking about the font you are going to use.


7) Think About Color: Color goes a long way in helping out your overall design and having the right color scheme is essential to making sure your design really stands out.


Final Note


It is important to remember that graphic designing is an art that requires both creativity as well as technical expertise. In order to be successful, a graphic designer must not only be able to create visually appealing designs but also understand how these elements work together. It is a myth when people say a graphic designer needs a degree. There are no such criteria that you must have a degree however there are certification and diploma courses in graphic designing which you can take for learning the skills and have an in-depth knowledge of different software that will help you become familiar with the program. Numerous reputed institutes are providing graphic designing courses in Kolkata. These programs will help you produce better work and increase your chances of gaining success in the field.


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