What Is The Cost Of Temporary Partial Dentures?

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We all know teeth are a very important part of our body. it not only helps to chew food, to help in digestion but also plays a vital role to enhance your look and smile. With increasing age, we start losing our teeth which spoils our entire look but getting a temporary partial denture can be a great option.

People after the age of 50 or whenever they lose their teeth go for temporary dentures. Dentures are replacements for missing teeth. There are two types of dentures—a complete denture and a partial denture. In a complete denture, a full new set of dentures is fixed into the jaw whereas in partial denture spaces of missing teeth are filled. 

Oral health problems are very common but teeth are a very important part of our body and we need to take care of them. With the advancement of dental technology, we can stay younger forever by using dentures. Dentures provide us with a youthful appearance throughout life also help us to easily chew food but are sometimes uncomfortable. It is totally up to the wish of the patient to choose the type of denture. Dentures are one of the cost-effective methods for missing teeth. 


Temporary partial dentures are removable replacement teeth used to fill in the spaces where the teeth are missing. Partial teeth are when you are still left with some healthy teeth and only the missing spaces are filled. 

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There are two types of removable partial dentures – cast metal partial dentures and acrylic flippers. 

Cast Metal Partial Dentures:

Cast metal partial dentures have a metal base. This metal base remains in the mouth and helps to connect teeth. These dentures are custom-made according to your teeth. This type of denture is durable and also supports the lips and cheeks. Most people prefer this denture because it prevents the shifting of teeth. 


Acrylic Flippers:

It is one of the best removable temporary tooth solutions. This type of denture is affordable and the least expensive. Flipper’s tooth makes eating much more comfortable. this denture is super easy to wear and remove. Manufacturing this type of denture is a less time-consuming process. 

Flexible Denture:

This denture is good for people with sensitive skin issues. Sometimes acrylic dentures result in allergies so a flexible denture is an alternative. This type of denture is comfortable and is made up of very soft and flexible materials. These just look like natural teeth. People who lost their teeth due to accidents or injury prefer this type of denture. 



Even though dentures are false teeth but it is very important to take care of them. If you don’t clean your dentures, plaque can build up which can lead to bad breath. So it’s very important to use a soft-bristled toothbrush to regularly clean your brush. Also, you can wash your dentures with denture cleaning solutions. Using harsh chemical-based toothpaste can harm your dentures so it’s always advised to use denture solution to clean your dentures daily to use them for more time. Generally, temporary partial dentures only last up to 6-8 months. The durability of dentures depends upon the care and cleanliness you maintain. Also, it’s very important to visit your dentist regularly. 

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There are many reasons why people prefer temporary partial dentures but the most common reasons are:


  1. Injury
  2. Decay
  3. Removal of teeth


We know that partial dentures are required only when you have some healthy teeth left. So only at the time of injury or removal do most people prefer temporary dentures. Often these dentures can be uncomfortable but one of the benefits is that they can be easily removed and placed. 




Upper partial dentures with a resin base cost up to $1225 

Upper partial denture with cast up to $1584

Upper flexible denture costs up to $ 1450. 

The cost of partial dentures varies depending on various factors such as:


  1. Material
  2. Location in your mouth
  3. Several teeth


Sometimes a dentist uses plastic, metal, etc. so the cost depends upon the material used.

It’s very important to take care of your teeth as they help to enhance your look and smile. Temporary partial dentures can be very helpful for you as they can be easily removed and placed. But it is very important to regularly clean them and soak them in the denture solution. So the above article provides all the information related to temporary partial dentures.


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