5 Tips for Dominating Call of Duty Like a Pro

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COD is prominent in the gaming industry for its combination of action, strategy, and skill. Its features make it easy for players to experience the thrill of console gaming on the go. However, despite its outstanding qualities, some people still find it hard to enjoy the game. This is because you cannot just jump on COD mobile without any thorough knowledge. And that’s why you need this post more than any other person. In this article, we will discuss some tips and strategies that Pros leverage when playing Call of Duty games.

Understand the In-game Economy System 

Everyone can access Call of Duty freely. But, it has an in-game currency, COD Points, that influences players’ performance. These points are used for buying new weapons, attachments, battle passes, and so on. You can get as many Call of Duty Mobile CP as needed by purchasing it from a reputable provider on u7buy or accumulating it little by little as you are playing. With these, you will be able to customize and personalize your experience.

Manage the Currency Efficiently 

Invest the COD Points wisely on essential items and weapon upgrades. By doing so, you’ll avoid impulsive and unnecessary spending.

Maximize Your Survival Strategies

Another essential factor that may influence your gaming experience is the selection of the landing spot. Choosing a strategic location before the dropping phase will give you access to much loot. Some of these include weapons, armor, and medicine, ensuring you’re well-equipped to face any threat.

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Optimize the Loadout

The weapons, attachments, and equipment you choose determine if you will dominate in COD. Hence, you’ve to know the strengths and weaknesses of the ammunition in your collection. You can view details of the prominent weapons that professionals use based on their range, accuracy, and personal preferences on U7BUY before playing. 

Connect with Other Players

There are diverse online forums and social media groups dedicated to Call of Duty games. These communities organize events, tournaments, and challenges to enhance players’ skills. They also create an avenue for newbies to share their experiences with top players and learn from them. 


COD is a dangerous virtual open world where strategy, precision, and critical thinking determine the survivors. It requires that you focus more on your character’s survival than just killing at the beginning of the game. You also need to thoroughly compare the risk/reward ratio before putting your character’s life at risk. So, leverage the tips, get COD Points, and hone your skills. Play COD mobile game like a professional player that invested several years.

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