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Are you aware of the skyrocketing price of healthcare products on the market? This factor has led people to turn their attention to the natural alternatives that are gaining more popularity now. In addition, these natural alternatives have minimal side effects and are less habit-forming compared to the allopathy medications available. As a result, people turn towards these alternatives to treat various ailments such as chronic pains, headaches, stress, anxiety, depression, etc.   


The main motive for using these alternative medicines was to maintain the overall well-being of a person. One such natural supplement that gained popularity is a tropical plant sourced from Southeast Asia. It is scientifically named Mitragyna Speciosa but popularly goes by the name of Kratom 


The internet has helped boost the sale of this natural supplement, and soon it was widely available throughout the market. This also gave rise to the several kratom vendors on the market. Unfortunately, though this was perceived as a boon to the common people, many illegal brands made purchasing the kratom products quite risky. Hence, if you are interested in getting your hands on the best kratom vendors, here is a list of those upvoted brands.  

The Golden Monk 


First, you have the Golden Monk on this list, which has managed to secure itself the position of one of the best kratom vendors on the market since 2016. This is an online kratom retailer, and they are recognized as an American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practice Standards audited vendors and a Platinum Level Consumer Champion.  


Their main motive is to deliver top-class service and high-quality kratom products at the best value to their customers. Their affordable strains and fast, effective shipping differentiate them from most other brands. In addition, they claim to get their products sourced directly from the farmers in Indonesia and other reputed wholesalers. They conduct their packaging process in a climate-controlled, clean room, and hence, you can rest assured that you will receive pure products from them. Also, their third-party lab tests confirm that they manufacture only high-quality kratom products. 

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You can shop for kratom variety packs from this brand, including kratom capsules, Green Vein, Maeng da Kratom, Red Vein, and White Vein kratom strains.  


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Kraken Kratom 


Kraken Kratom is a family-owned business from Portland, popular for its herbal products company. Since 2014, the founders of this brand have strived hard enough to become the market leader in the kratom industry. It promises to provide top-quality, natural kratom powders, capsules, and extract to its customers that strictly adhere to the legal standards of manufacturing kratom products. Kraken Kratom values the expectations of their customers, and their connection with trusted suppliers, quality assurance, and comprehensive lab testing is what makes them truly the best in this industry.  


You can choose from their sixteen varieties within their kratom leaf and powder section, such as premium Bali Kratom, Red Vein strain of Maeng Da, Maeng Da Thai Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom Leaf, and the Bali Kratom Leaf.  


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Kratom Spot 


Kratom Spot is another top kratom vendors on this list. They are based in Irvine, California, among the most prominent online vendors with a high Reddit rating. They are popular for providing more than thirty different top-quality kratom leaf strains at the best price. In addition, they also claim that their products are free from contaminants, chemicals, and additives.  


Among their services, you can avail yourself of their worldwide fast and effective shipping, top customer services, and money-back guarantee. You can also make bulk purchases online from this vendor at competitive prices. Among their kratom products, you can find the best kratom strains: Maeng Da, White Borneo, White Sumatra, Red Bali, Green Thai, Super Green, White Indo, Green Malay, and Red Thai.  

Organic Kratom USA 


Organic Kratom USA is among the most trusted kratom brands, famous for selling different kratom strains and powder. This brand provides the best quality kratom leaves, all of which are sourced from reliable sellers. With their years of experience, Organic Kratom USA has built a solid reputation for offering the best kratom product.   


Their products are among the highly recommended ones that come in high-quality packaging. In addition, their products are subject to strict lab tests to ensure quality. You will find a massive range of kratom capsules among their products, like red, green, white, and yellow capsules, and kratom powders of various strains.  

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Kratom Crazy 


Kratom Crazy, a newbie in this industry, did a great job acquiring the title of one of the most upvoted kratom brands on the market. They have kept their services simple but better than most other brands by creating their site professionally, enabling customers to make a quick purchase. Their exceptional shipping and customer services are also one of a kind.  


Sourcing their products from trusted suppliers, Kratom Crazy ensures high-quality lab-tested products that are pure and free from chemicals or additives. Customers can also avail of their money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied with their product. They offer White Borneo, Maeng Da, Red Bali, and kratom capsules of different strains. When you purchase from them, you become a member of their Kratom Crazy Club, where you can get attractive discounts on their products.  

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Kats Botanicals 


Kats Botanicals was founded by Justin Kats, whose main intention was to develop natural solutions for various health purposes. They strongly believe in offering their customers the purest, safest, and best kratom products. What sets them apart is their belief in the potential benefits of Kratom, and hence, they produce all their products in the USA.  


Their products are 100% organically sourced and are all-natural with high potency. Also, their products are GMP and AKA certified. In addition, Kats Botanicals assures its customers of 100% product satisfaction and a money-back guarantee. Their kratom powder capsules are the best-sellers in the market.  

Final Notes 


Shopping for quality kratom can be frustrating if you have no idea about its strains. But when you purchase it from reputed brands  finding the best kratom product becomes more effortless. So, check out their official sites to learn about their products in detail & their pricing to come across the best. But, if you are a newbie in this field, consult with a kratom expert before zeroing in on a particular vendor.  

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