7 Best Astrology Apps in India – 2022

By Michael Caine 6 Min Read

The proliferation of astrology applications in India has made it easier than ever to gain quick insight into a wide range of astrological considerations. In light of this, we have produced a list of the nine best astrology app to make your future predictions a little easier. Below is the list of best astrology apps:

  1. AstroSage Kundli: Astrology

Our top pick is Astrosage Kundli, a 2016 app developed by brothers Puneet and Prateek Pandey based on Indian astrology. It is accessible in numerous languages, including Hindi, Bengali, English, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati, etc. It is considered the best astrology app for Vedic Astrology.

It’s free software that has many astrological tools. You can use it to learn about your daily and monthly horoscopes, your moon sign, your compatibility with a partner, your chances of success in the workplace, the best jewels to wear, and the Hindu calendar, among other things.

Additionally, you have the option to make private enquiries. Your Kundli may be downloaded as a PDF, which is the app’s most remarkable feature if you plan on printing it.

  1. AstroTalk – Astrology Predictions by Astrologers

AstroTalk’s Psychic Reading, Tarot Reading, Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, KP Astrology, and Kundli services, in addition to its around-the-clock customer assistance, make it an excellent option for those seeking daily guidance on matters such as marriage, love life, profession, health, etc.

It also provides counselling to those who could benefit from it. Apart from that, the software is well-organized, practical, spot-on, and straightforward.

  1. Astroyogi Astrologer – Online Astrology

As one of the original and most reputable internet astrology resources, Astroyogi has stood the test of time. Its success can be attributed to the high quality of its services and the expertise of its astrologers.

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More than 85 countries now stock the Astroyogi. This app connects you with over 2000 astrologers worldwide, so you may ask them questions about your professional and romantic life whenever you want.

Regarding pricing, consultations begin at 20 GBP per minute, and if you’re not satisfied with the service, you can get your money back.

  1. Guruji – Live Astrology

Another professional astrology software with accurate calculations is Guruji Astro. Numerous services are available within the app, including Face Reading, Kundali Dosha, Individual Consultation, Tarot Card Readings, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes, Free Astrology, Free Horoscopes, etc.

The astrologer is available through phone or live chat; you can ask them anything about your love life, career, health, or anything else. More than 300 expert astrologers use Vedic Astrology to help people like you find out what the future holds.


  1. JyotishApp – Astrology Jyotish

The next app on our list is JyotishApp. You can make use of voice commands with this free Hindu Astrology programme, and you’ll get in-depth PDF forecasts for each day.

Numerologists, tarot card readers, Vaastu consultants, and more are just some of the specialists you’ll find online astrologer in this free astrology software. JyotishApp also features in-app material download and sharing via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and more.

The fact that you can use this application even when you do not have an active internet connection is the program’s best feature, so you won’t have to put up with annoying advertisements as you would in other Astrology apps. More than ten thousand cities and towns in India and some of the largest cities in other nations are currently using this app.

  1. Kundli – Free Horoscope
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Kundli, an app for calculating horoscopes, was developed by Vedic Rishi. The top application for Vedic Astrology. It was crafted with time-honoured techniques.

Online Astrologer can provide answers and make predictions by using the location, date, and time of a person’s birth. This results in a more accurate app. When your dosha is off, using this software can help you get your life back in balance.

This tool provides all of the astrological calculations, creation of a Janma Kundali, gemstone recommendations based on your Kundli, and other features. This tool offers all of the astrological calculations, design of a Janma Kundali, gemstone recommendations based on your Kundli, and other features.


This article can help you if you are unfamiliar with astrology, want an app on your phone that shows you your daily horoscope, or want to learn how to read your chart better but don’t know which one is best for you.

The preceding post made an effort to discuss the top-rated astrology software available on Google Play; nevertheless, there are apps available for you to use regardless of your chosen operating system.




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