Beautiful Mountain Range That We Must Visit

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If you’re looking to encounter the joy of which Mallory speaks, here are five of the most legendary mountain ranges in the world, each with a unique story, history, culture and undeniable beauty.

Whether you travel with Backroads and take advantage of decades of experience discovering the best of these world-renowned countries or seek your journey into the heart of the world’s biggest regions, a visit to these mountain ranges should be on every adventurer’s list.

1. The Pyrenees

From the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean Sea, the Pyrenees Mountain Range is a dangerous natural boundary between France and Spain – the highest peak is over 11,100 feet tall! Spain and Portugal owe much of their African impact to this rugged geological separation from the rest of Europe that ultimately resulted in the growth of some of the continent’s most independent cultures.

Cycle into the heart of Basque country and savor both a proud heritage that blends Spanish, French, and local traditions along with a hearty glass of Rioja. Stroll into the Catalan crags for a taste of historic architecture and fresh seafood. Whether by two wheels, two feet, or a mix of both, you’re confident to pleasure in the active corners of land and people in the Pyrenees. You will be able to see how does the scandinavian mountain range affect norway and sweden

2. The Alps

Few mountain ranges breathe as many countries as the Alps. They form parts of France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Monaco, and Liechtenstein and are the source for several of Europe’s famous rivers, encompassing the Rhone and the Rhine. Need to pair wildflower meadows with decadent chocolate? Drive a cable car to your trailhead in the Swiss Alps. Take your cappuccino with a stunning mountain view? Cross on a hike through the storied French and Italian Alps.

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The wish of cycling past cliffs and castles? Pedal Slovenia’s Julian Alps. Care to get carried away? Leap aboard a river cruise down the Rhone or Rhine, where dipping a toe into the river means nostalgic water that was once Alpine snowmelt. You might even admire the variety of ways to experience the Alps, as impressive as the peaks themselves!

3. The Andes

The attraction of the Andes lies in both the sheer spires of its towering mountains (which encompass the Western Hemisphere’s highest point, Mt. Aconcagua at 22,831 feet) and the mythology gathered within them. From the harms of Peru’s Machu Picchu to the little Argentinean town of Chaltén in Patagonia. For over 5,500 miles, the Andean Mountains run almost the entire length of South America. Enacting through seven countries and requesting exploration on a monumental order. You can follow an ancient culture’s footsteps along with the Inca Trail or those of contemporary mountaineers in Los Glaciares National Park and taste novelties like a guy walking in Ecuador or Manjar while cycling through Chile. You will be able to enjoy Denver in the skyline view from the lookout mountain.

4. the Himalayas

Legendary. Religious. Unyielding. Home to Earth’s tallest peak, the Himalayas will literally and figuratively take your breath away. Prayer flags dance in the wind as you walk or cycle past important religious sites. From the Taktsang Monastery (or Tiger’s Nest) in Bhutan to mountain temples in Nepal. Nearly as initiated as the ancient cultures that have called these peaks home for centuries is the modern mountaineering culture. Initiated by such legends as Edmund Hillary and George Mallory. That adds a fascinating layer of history and exploration to a modern trip in this mighty realm.

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The scents, sights, sounds, and compositions of the cultures found throughout the Himalayas are as alive as the terrain itself. And what a decent way to smell, taste, and learn. And believe it all then up a conclusion and in someone by foot or bicycle.

One must make it a step to visit at least one of these mountains of the world for an exhilarating and fun-filled heroic experience.

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