BPD Symptoms: Recognizing Signs of Borderline Personality Disorder

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BPD Symptoms

Borderline personality disorder (BPD), also called emotional dysregulation disorder, is a mental health disorder that displays mood instability, function,  and behaviors. According to recent research listed by StatPearls Publishing in The National Library of Medicine, 1.6% of the people in the United States have been diagnosed with BPD. In just the United States, there are over 4 million people diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, making this a relatively common mental health disorder. 

Having BPD makes it difficult to function on an everyday level and affects the way you think about yourself and those around you. Common problems with bpd symptoms exist in patients with a recurring theme and a broad spectrum of traits associated with the disorder. 

For a closer look into BPD symptoms and the signs most recognized, continue reading below. 

Impulsive Behavior Patterns

Risky behavior and thrill-seeking, dangerous behaviors are often seen in patients with BPD. Unfortunately, many patients suffer from addictive personality traits and have an affinity for drug and alcohol addiction. Other detrimental behaviors, such as unsafe sexual practices and indiscriminate partners, often expose them to sexually transmitted diseases. Gambling is also a problem for many afflicted with this mental health disorder. In all of the above factors, the biggest motivation appears to be a need for instant gratification

Extreme Moodiness

Someone who suffers from BPD shares specific characteristics with bipolar disorder that can be mistakingly diagnosed as such with frequent mood changes, sometimes lasting only minutes. The moodiness in BPD can be extreme and often with sudden eruptions of anger or irritability. Often, an unknown trigger associated with these behaviors is hard to understand for others, making interpersonal relationships and employment difficult at best. Having a long-lasting relationship or even friendship becomes strenuous for all involved. 

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Poor Self Image

Poor self-image among persons who suffer from a bpd symptom is a prevalent condition, and patients often report not having a real sense of who they are. Common signs are difficulty accepting compliments and negative self-talk, among many others. Sometimes, they feel good about themselves, and other times, they feel like they are undeserving of anything positive, leaving them with a fear of failure. 

Paranoid Tendencies

With paranoid tendencies, people who have BPD seem to always be on the lookout for a reason to be suspicious of others. Believing that people are trying to threaten or deceive them, they tend to think that others are trying to harm them in some way without any reason for the notion. Constant suspicions without any real reason make it challenging to maintain relationships due to the fear of others taking advantage of them and fans the flames for abandonment issues. 

Treatment for BPD

A bpd symptom alone is not enough to diagnose borderline personality disorder as it so often displays the characteristics of other issues such as schizophrenia, anxiety and depression, and other mental health disorders. There is no one test and no specific medication for BPD. Still, it is treated with a combination of cognitive and behavioral therapy and often prescription medication to control the symptoms related, such as anxiety and depression. 

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