Can a woman perform Umrah alone?

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Muslims make the sacred journey known as the Umrah to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is a religious pilgrimage that requires rituals and visits to different locations. When conducting Umrah via Umrah packages from UK, there are a few guidelines and standards that one needs to follow.

Can a woman complete the Umrah in Islam without the help of a mahram? is a common question.


Meaning of Mahram

The Arabic term “mahram” designates a male caretaker who is a woman’s close relative. A mahram might be a son, father, grandfather, brother, and husband.

A mahram’s role is to keep safe and travel with women, particularly during the Hajj and Umrah. Islam places a strong emphasis on the necessity of a mahram for women’s security and safety.


The value of a mahram

Islamic law is filled with the concept of mahram, and a lady must travel with a mahram. A mahram’s major function is to give a woman security and protection.

Due to the physical demands of the Hajj and Umrah, it is essential to travel with a male partner who can help with any challenges that may occur.

Furthermore, having a mahram guarantees that a woman won’t be exposed to any problem.


Rules of Umrah for Women Who Perform the Hajj Without a Mahram


A mahram is a man from the family who travels with a woman to undertake the Hajj or Umrah in Islam. In rare circumstances, a woman may be able to perform the Umrah without a male companion.


Can You Perform the Umrah on Your Own?

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No, is the response to this query. When a woman performs the Umrah, she must have a mahram. Islamic law states that a lady needs a mahram when traveling alone.


45-Year-Old Permitted to Travel to Umrah Without a Guide

Women who are over 45 can conduct Umrah without a mahram if they travel in a scheduled Umrah trip with family, according to the guidelines for ladies performing Umrah. A male companion must accompany women who are younger than 45. All Muslims worldwide, including those who live in the UK, are subject to this order.


Significance of Mahram

A mahram is a man who serves as a protector and is a woman’s close relative. Islamic law lists the following as mahram:

Father, Brother, Son, Husband, Uncle (paternal), and Grandfather


The Umrah Rules for Women

If a woman is under 45, she should file for an Umrah visa with her Mahram. Women who are menstruating should not perform Umrah. When completing Umrah, women must maintain their cleanliness.

  • On Umrah, a lady is permitted to wear garments with stitching, but not silk. It is forbidden to wear jewelry when doing the Umrah.
  • It is not permitted to wear gloves or cover one’s face.
  • Makeup is not permitted either.

However, if a woman’s period begins during Umrah, there are special regulations. It is advised that women avoid Umrah at all costs during the cycle phase. Unlike Hajj, Umrah can be performed in all seasons except Hajj days. Thus, you should schedule your Ramdan Umrah packages for when it’s most convenient for you.


What Separates the Umrah from the Hajj?


Islamic journeys to Mecca include the Hajj and the Umrah. Nonetheless, the two differ greatly from one another. For any financially capable Muslim who is physically fit, the Hajj is a must, but the Umrah is an option. While Umrah can be done at any season, Hajj is only undertaken during a certain period.

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While Umrah involves only a few rites, Hajj contains specific ceremonies that should be fulfilled in a specified order. Furthermore, compared to Umrah, Hajj is an additional physically demanding pilgrimage.




The answer to the frequently asked issue, “Can a woman go to Umrah without mahram?” is that she is not allowed to do so by Islamic law. However, there are a few exceptions to this Islamic rule. If a woman is over 45 and traveling with her family or an organized group, she is permitted to conduct Umrah without the need for a mahram.

It is crucial to remember that the regulations governing Umrah could differ from those governing Hajj, which is an obligatory journey for every Muslim who is financially and physically capable of doing it. It is a requirement for all women, whatever age, to have a mahram to undertake the Hajj.

It is recommended that women look for counsel and guidance from a religious expert or authority figure in their community before performing Umrah without a mahram. Make sure you understand and abide by the laws and rules about Umrah.

For Muslims, performing Umrah is a major religious duty, thus they must perform it with the greatest respect, commitment, and planning. During their journey, women should put their safety and well-being first and undertake it with the highest respect and devotion.

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