How Does Dissertation Writing Affect Mental Health?

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A dissertation task is something that can ruin most students’ mental health. It is undoubtedly a burdensome task that every student has to go through in their doctoral program. Yet, the problem is that most students fail to go through it. Instead, they get stuck in the middle of it, with some mental health instability. This article is best for you if you wonder how an academic task can ruin mental health to this extent so easily. We can help you understand how dissertation writing affects mental health.

This post will discuss how a research project disrupts students’ mental stability. Not that only, we will show you the factors that actually ruin the mental health of students. If you are a doctoral student, you probably know these factors already. Still, let’s start with the origin, where things start getting out of hand.

Disrupted Mental Health While Writing a Dissertation

Most students complain they face mental problems during the period of writing a dissertation. On the other hand, academic experts clearly agree on the fact that a research project is daunting and can ruin students’ mental health. Doctoral students can easily understand this logic. Besides, some smart students hire Dissertation Writing Services help to them smoothly complete their research projects. It is an efficient way to prevent mental health problems and let them even happen.

Besides, as you would like to know how a research project affects students’ mental health, here are some reasoning. The factors you will see below can help you understand how rigid a research task can become and exhaust students’ mentally.

Anxiety and Stress

There is no doubt that students get years of a deadline to complete their research projects. However, still, the anxiety and stress remain together and constant. Most students often procrastinate when it comes to their research projects. They think they can complete it within some months and leave it for later. Yet, things afterward get messy, and they end up with anxiety and stress. These things play a vital role in affecting the mental health of students.

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Moreover, most students get anxiety attacks and are stressed by even thinking about their research projects. Why? Because it demands a lot of hard work, dedication, time, and energy. Most students at the doctoral degree education level do full-time jobs alongside studying. Thus, they cannot properly devote time to their research project, which makes them stressed.

Financial Factors

One of the biggest reasons behind a research project affecting students’ mental health is the financial factors. Many students cannot afford to build a brilliant research project. Although, there are many scholarship programs available that can provide students with funds to complete their research projects. Yet, some students are unaware of these programs, while many think these are fake and will only waste their time. In this way, they have to spend their earnings which perhaps they wish to use on their needs. Sadly, it puts financial pressure upon them and affects their mental health.

Multiple Roles

Students have to play multiple roles while writing a research project. However, the problem is that not every student is good at everything. For example, if a student is good at writing, they cannot possibly edit or proofread well. In the same way, if someone is a good researcher, maybe they cannot write well. However, no matter if a student is good at something, they have to go through it.

Dissertation writing asks students to become a researcher, writers, editors, proofreaders, critical thinkers, problem-solver, and analysts. Of course, a single student cannot be good in all these factors. Thus, it affects students’ mental health, as they think they are not good enough by not being good in these factors. Students overthink a lot, and it makes things even worse for them.

Lack of Motivation

The hardest possible thing in a research project is gathering the motivation to work on it. Due to a huge deadline coming along with a research task, students get excessive freedom. It leads students to lack motivation. Once this happens, it becomes hard for them to gather motivation, to start working on their research task again. It is common that if we fail to motivate ourselves to complete a goal, it stresses us and ruins our mental health.

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Moreover, doctors say that a lack of motivation is a common sign of depression and vice versa. It means, either you are depressed already, which is why you cannot gather motivation, or due to lack of motivation, you will become depressed. Either way, it can affect your mental health.

Disapproval of Content

Everything you do in your research project has to go through the approval phase. The supervisors approve your content first. Afterward, you can work further. Yet, this process contains many obstacles because supervisors mostly disapprove of students’ work. I am not saying they disapprove of students’ work without any reason. Of course, there must be something wrong with their work. However, the disapproval of content affects significantly students’ mental health.


When it comes to identifying the limits while writing a research project, things become daunting. Every student faces different limits. Some students have duties, responsibilities, and jobs. On the other hand, many students face financial and educational help limits. Not that only, some students are limited to collecting info for their research project if their topic is confidential. All types of limits in a dissertation writing process affect mental health. How? Because getting rid of a limit is no piece of cake. Students fail to get solutions to get out of limitation boundaries.


Mental problems are a common occurrence while writing a research task. Most students ruin their mental stability by not taking care of it beforehand. It is totally understandable that a research task is daunting. If you still do not do something to take care of your mental health, it is your fault. In case you wonder what could you do to avoid these problems. Well, you can hire Dissertation Writing Services UK based help if you find things getting out of hand.

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