Best Mental Health Clinic in Multan for Speech Disorders

By Arslan Shah 6 Min Read

Mental health has been a hot topic over the years; in the past few years, it was all over the international news. Many people used social media platforms to raise awareness about the importance of mental health. We saw much news regarding young people committing suicide due to mental pressure and the insensitivity of people regarding this issue.

In Pakistan, it is still taboo to talk about mental health. People hesitate to discuss their mental illness because there is a stigma attached to it. The issue of the generational gap between parents and children still exists in our country. Many parents don’t understand what their children are going through, they consider their mental illness as a weakness. But with the passage of time, people raised awareness regarding mental health and now there are mental health clinics in major cities of Pakistan.

Spring Clinic

Spring Clinic is a mental health clinic in Multan, it is a project by Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital. Multan is one of the largest cities in South Punjab. After the international news, the Urdu news in Pakistan also started to spread awareness about mental health. People in the major cities of Pakistan like Multan are now aware of the importance of mental health.

Spring Clinic is a state-of-the-art building with highly qualified clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, and speech therapists. They treat people of all ages and gender, they are dedicated to treating people with mental health issues and making their life better. Many people do not feel comfortable sharing their mental illnesses with a new person. They have a whole team to make people comfortable to share their mental health issues. There are some other services too that make Spring Clinic the best mental health clinic in Multan.

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Speech therapy

Many children in Pakistan are suffering from speech issues. Some children are born with this issue and some develop some habits in speaking due to lack of attention and some psychological issues. There are many speech issues like stammering, stuttering, and voice disorders. But many people wonder why it is a speech issue treated by a therapist in a mental health clinic. How is this related to mental health and how does a therapist treat this issue. These are some psychological reasons that cause speech issues.

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Autism is a disorder among children which limits them from socializing and learning. In previous years we saw awareness campaigns in international news regarding children with autism. This created a good effect in Pakistan as well and people started to take autism as a serious disorder that needs proper treatment. Children with autism may not be able to develop communication skills as other children.

They have difficulty in speaking and have very limited ability to pick up on words and vocabulary. The solution to their problem lies in speech therapy. A speech pathologist is a professional person who understands child psychology. At Spring Clinic they treat children with autism who have speech issues. They understand their mental situation and give them the treatment according to their need.


Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder among children. Spring Clinic is the best mental health clinic in Multan for ADHD treatment. Children who suffer from ADHD have difficulties speaking. They often get stuck while talking which sounds like stammering. They have a problem repeating the words and sentences. Speech therapists help them with ADHD and speech issues, they give them several mouth exercises in therapy sessions which help them speak correctly and fluently.

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Anxiety is a mental issue that can happen to both children and adults regardless of age. There are many articles in International news regarding anxiety issues, and how it affects people. In anxiety, a person is unable to control his thoughts and sometimes his thoughts overcome their self-esteem. This builds a lack of self-confidence in a person. When a person is anxious he hesitates from socializing and talking to other people. This affects their speaking skills, when they talk words do not come out as they think in their mind. They often fumble while talking because of nervousness and anxiety.

Psychologists at Spring Clinic help people to deal with anxiety issues and speech therapists help people with speech issues caused by anxiety. People can get every mental health service under one roof in a spring clinic. People don’t have to go to different places and different specialists for their treatment. These services make Spring Clinic the best mental health clinic in Multan.  

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