Get Your Hands on Some of the Popular Wall Art Trends in 2024

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Interior designing can be a bit complex at times because it demands you to be immensely creative or passionate about it. One of the integral parts of adding glam to your interior space is installing wall art. Your love and passion for specific art pieces can be all that you need to add life to your empty walls at home.

You don’t have to be a master in selecting art pieces, as you can simply stick to something that you love. Consider choosing a movie character painting that inspires you, such as John Wick wall art or Three Wise Monkeys art. If not, you can go with something random, such as an abstract painting. What matters is your preference on how you want to craft your house interiors.

As the choice of wall art pieces is your take, let this article enlighten you with some trends associated with it for you to bring a new vibe in 2024.

There is nothing precious or cheap, when you are choosing your favorite art piece for placing it across the walls of your property. It is your taste and preference that matters! All of these decor trends are just to add more elegance and charm to the paintings or wall art you just added to your collection.

Here are some of the wall art trends that you can adopt and blend with your perfect pieces in 2024:

1.    Accent Your Wall Art with Neon Light

There is no better appeal than what neon can create around your living or bedroom space. Imagine having a Tombstone painting on your wall, backed by accented neon lights of specific colors. It would give a completely different nostalgic glow, letting you fall in love with your choice of art and your desire to add a majestic vibe to your house interiors.

Adding backdrop lighting to your wall art can add life to even the dullest painting. Moreover, you will be able to add a color pop to some of the minimalist pieces of a large painting to complement your overall house decor. The best part is neon lights can also illuminate the space with an ambient glow, which can transform the mood of the entire space.

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2.    Get a Big Sized Wall Art

Irrespective of whether you want to showcase your love for your favorite movie character by getting a John Wick art piece and a Three Wise Monkeys art or stick to something random, you should prefer choosing a big-sized option. It will help you cover a big portion of the main walls of your house.

With big-sized wall art, you will be able to create a bold statement that will reflect your style and personality. Large art pieces will also act as the focal point of your room or house and can also be a great conversation starter with the guests. If you have high ceilings or big rooms, this trend is going to be your favorite.

3.    Take a Maximalist Approach

Indeed, minimalism was once considered a go-to option for most subtle home decor ideas, especially for wall art. But that trend had its time! 2024 should be the year to embrace maximalism, and you must start with it by giving the perfect wall parts a bold and grandiose appeal.

It doesn’t matter what sized character or abstract art pieces you bring to your home; do consider backing them up with some other smaller paintings or wall art. This is what would lead you to add maximalism to the space. For instance, if you are bringing in a Batman wall art of a big size, do get two other pieces that have Joker and a Batmobile in them, to create a perfect maximalist vibe.

4.    Create a Cinematic Glory

If you love cinema and want to replicate that emotion across the walls of your house, this is one trend that is made just for you. Get posters of some of your favorite movies and frame them in different sizes and proportions to fit onto one complete wall of your living room.

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Even if you are fond of just one single movie or the complete series of it, get multiple posters of it. Suppose you loved the movie Gladiator, released in 2000, and want to showcase the love you have for the actors and the film as a whole. In that case, get Gladiator wall art pieces with different images to add to your walls. This way, you shall create perfect cinematic glory.

5.    Glam Up Your Bedroom

One of the trends that has been popularly embraced for a long time and will be continued in 2024 as well is adding big-sized wall art pieces right above the bed. If you have plans to create such an ambiance for the bedroom, it is suggested you go with a size that can cover the width of your bed, creating an appealing look.

It will help you create a dazzling focal point, adding a luxury vibe to the entire space. Deciding upon what art would look well on your bedroom wall depends on your taste and preferences. But, you should consider the overall theme of the bedroom interior to decide on the colors or shades you must pick for your wall art to create a contrasting effect.

Bottom Line

This is a clear depiction of what you can do with your love for wall art of varying themes. You don’t have to limit yourself to these five trends, as there is an endless path of creativity you can try with your art pieces.

2024 is quite promising to be the year of innovation as well as creative expression when you talk about wall art. These trends are being embraced and cherished by people from all over the world who love art in its true form. Whether you go for a John Wick wall art, or stick with a random abstract piece, if it lits your eyes, you have made Click This Link the right choice!

So, if you have already piled up your favorite wall art or are about to place an order for one, do have these trends in mind and decide on how you are about to set things up around the house.

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