How To Develop Swiggy Clone Food Delivery App At Affordable Rate

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Offering exactly what your customers want in a single app is crucial to your success. You may ask why! Well, the old proverb goes “CUSTOMER IS THE KING”. And definitely, they are. Think about it from the perspective of a customer – will you invest your money into a product or service that doesn’t meet your needs? Let me guess, that would be a big fat NO, right? Similarly, why would your customers install, use, and order their food from your Swiggy clone app if you don’t have a relevant service to offer. 

This is exactly why I’m emphasizing keeping your customers at #1 on your priority list. Success is equal to customer satisfaction. No satisfaction, no sales, no profits, and hence, no success! Trust me, when you make it your business’s mantra, you’ll be skyrocketing the success rate. 

How to Build a High-end On-demand Food Delivery App at Affordable Rates? 

To build an online food ordering and delivery app similar to Swiggy, you first need to choose if you want to build it from scratch or buy a ready-made solution. Here’s the difference between the two of them: 

Build the app from scratch 

This means that the entrepreneur has to hire app developers, designers, marketers, quality assurance professionals, and managers. Then can they start designing the app, coding it, and testing it. The entire process will easily eat up to 7 – 8 years.

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According to my opinion, the app development approach is a big NO-NO! Why? Because no entrepreneur has the time and USD 250,000 to cough up without getting returns over a decade. Yes! It takes up to USD 250,000 to build an app from scratch. 

Getting a pre-built solution 

On the other hand, a pre-built solution is something more feasible and affordable. This ready-made solution can be 100% white-labeled. Once you purchase the Swiggy clone app, the developers will add the company’s name & logo, change the color theme, integrate your preferred languages, and so much more. 

Moreover, your white-labeled app is ready to be launched within a week. Whereas, the investment required to purchase the script and make it unique costs you only a four-figure! 

What’s Included in This Four-figure App Cost? 

Now, most internet sellers don’t post about hidden prices for add-ons or special customizations. So, beware of these sellers. However, to test and determine the quality of their product, install the demo app and use it for a while. Take the trial only if the demo is free. Companies with paid demos are usually the ones selling low-quality products at higher costs. All they want is to earn MONEY! 

However, if you purchase the on-demand food delivery app from a well-established and licensed white-labeling firm, you will get: 

  • Free demo apps with unlimited days for trial 
  • iOS, Android, and Huawei apps for users, stores, and delivery drivers. 
  • Website 
  • Robust admin dashboard 
  • KIOSK apps 
  • iWatch app 

Well, the list goes on and on. Another way to determine if purchasing the clone app script is worth it is by checking out these factors: 

  • The features 

An app with no latest or food delivery relevant features is simply a waste. GPS tracking system, SOS button, option to choose a preferred delivery method, online payment, meal customization, etc. are some “essential” features. The app you are choosing must include all these features and even more. 

  • Quick loading speed 

An app without a quick loading speed will never be liked by the customers. Whereas, a quick-loading app will be loved by the customers because no one likes to wait for the menu to load when they’re hungry! 

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So, get this impressive, high-speed, advanced, and excellent-quality Swiggy clone app today!


To conclude this app, I’d only recommend you invest in a ready-made on-demand food delivery app. They are quick to launch, easy to white-label, and need only a few bucks when it comes to purchasing the app!

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