How to Find People Playing Online Games Using XResolver

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You are undoubtedly well aware of how important it is to know who is playing your favorite games if you often play online games. By discovering the gamers’ IP addresses and adding them to a blacklist with their Gamertag, xResolver may assist you in finding them. In order to assist you in detecting suspicious activity on the game servers, this practical tool also gathers publicly available data such as location and other details. We’ll look at how to utilize this effective tool in this post.

A tool to locate individuals playing online games is called xResolver.

Although XResolver is a well-liked tool for locating players in online games, it may potentially have major privacy implications. Despite being free and not gathering any personal information, xResolver does sell your information to bad actors. There are further ways to stop the disclosure of your IP address. Although using a blacklisting service might be beneficial, the costs are often more than the advantages.

How to Use XResolver to Find Online Game Players

If you often play online games, you definitely understand how crucial it is to know who is playing your favorite games. xResolver can help you locate the players by locating their IP addresses and placing them to a blacklist along with their Gamertag. This useful application also collects publicly accessible information like location and other characteristics to help you spot unusual activities on the game servers. In this piece, we’ll look at how to use this useful tool.

xResolver is a program that helps you find others who are playing video games online.

XResolver is a popular tool for finding people in online games, but it might have significant privacy concerns. xResolver sells your information to dangerous actors while being free and not collecting any personal data. There are further techniques to prevent the publication of your IP address. Even though employing a blacklisting service may be advantageous, the fees are often more than the benefits.

There are many ways to prevent being included on xResolver. While you may blacklist a particular IP address, doing so is not recommended unless you’re willing to give up your privacy. The greatest defenses are to modify your IP address or add a certain website to your blacklist. Never expose your username or IP address on a public website since doing so may result in the blocking of your account or the disclosure of your IP address to other users.

xResolver allows you to store IP addresses and annotate them. 25 IP addresses are the maximum for free storage; however, unlimited capacity is available to premium members. Users with premium access may also utilize CashApp accounts to pay for access. The xResolver tool is a favorite among gamers. You may use it to discover an opponent’s IP address and save it for use at a later time.


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Another option is to use the xResolver website, which claims to have settled 25 million disputes. This is the easiest way to detect whether a gamer’s IP address is public since it just has to be a part of a multiplayer session. Contrary to previous strategies, this one is not recommended for everyone since you can come across someone who is actively aiming to hurt you. It might be a good idea to use a VPN to hide your IP address if you are worried about privacy.

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Another useful feature is the PSN username checker, which enables you to determine if the username you’re looking for is available. IP addresses might also be kept in addition to notes. Users are prevented from resolving a Gamertag or username by the blacklist feature of xResolver. When utilizing the blacklist feature, only one username may be banned at a time.

OctoSniff is used in order to get IP addresses.

You just need to visit the xresolver website to learn how it acquires IP addresses. It employs OctoSniff, a tool that records IP addresses and uploads them to the xresolver website. Anyone may use GT for free to find OctoSniff users and check their IP addresses, approximate locations, and ISPs.

OctoSniff is a powerful packet filter without any viruses and has a user-friendly interface. It has strong packet filters, DDoS protection search functions, a geo-IP finding tool, and username-to-IP functionality. The company offers premium packages with more advanced features and guarantees that its product is completely virus-free. You may start blacklisting undesired IPs as soon as the program is installed.

Use OctoSniff, which lets you use up to one Gamertag per IP address, to block any number that tries to snoop on your Gamertag. Before you may blacklist an IP, you must first pay 500 OctoSniff points to unlock a message window where you can enter the licensing key. Insert this key in the OctoSniff account’s key section to begin IP address blocking.

You may opt not to have your IP address shown in the Xresolver database by purchasing an OctoSniff membership, but you can also pay for an xResolver blacklist, which will offer hackers a more accurate representation of your IP address. The limitation of this blacklist is that correctness cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, it does not work if you are logged into the Xresolver database and playing Xbox Live.

Despite the fact that Xresolver sometimes yields substandard results, it also has several advantages. It is usable and accessible across a number of platforms, and it offers an easy-to-navigate user interface. It is easy to install on your console, after which you can start monitoring traffic. Among its other features are a GeoIP finder, an IP-to-user function, and a DDoS protection search. Because of all of these features, Octosniff is one of the best IP sniffers that can be found online.

Using this tool, users may block their Gamertag.

The Xresolver blacklist program will block an IP address based on a player’s Gamertag. This technology will be useful in a number of situations, but it will be especially useful in video games like Overwatch where cheating by players is a possibility. The most popular approach, though there are others, is to purchase a license and then ban your Gamertag.

This utility allows you to add any IP address to a blacklist and boot the offending IP address from your computer. Before using this application, you must first download and install the freebooter. After that, enter the IP address of the troublesome gamer and click “Block IP.” Your IP address will be supplied to you along with a no-fly list after it has been blacklisted.

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Another way to get your Gamertag blocked is to install the OctoSniff utility. This technique logs the players’ IP addresses when they are playing online games. It decrypts Gamertag data so that you may use it to find internet cheats. 25 million accounts have already been banned, according to Xresolver.

After installing the Xresolver program, you can now start the blacklisting procedure for your Gamertag. After downloading the freebooter program, enter the IP address there. Next, choose a time period during which the IP address won’t be troubled. You’ll then get a notice after the IP address has properly been booted. The IP address of the user may then be banned.

Additionally, Xresolver displays the IP addresses of premium subscribers. You should exercise caution since this material is made accessible to the general public. Either blacklist yourself or ask your ISP for a new IP address are options. The cost is justified by the inconvenience that a Gamertag ban causes. It is vital that you protect your personal information when playing online games.

It gathers public data.

A new tool by the name of XResolver has been making waves in the online gaming community. Numerous bots are used to collect data about online players that is already available to the general public. Users may use this information to locate other players in their preferred game and develop effective tactics. User privacy is compromised by xResolver, which is its main flaw. Thousands of gamers have been banned as a result of their IP addresses being public knowledge.

This new tool collects the data using web scraping, which is available for free download. IPv4 addresses, Gamertags, and usernames are just a few of the things it may collect from various websites. The company makes the misleading claim that all of the data it gathers is completely anonymous. It may also be used to initiate DDoS attacks. Users might choose to pay xResolver in order to access their private data.

The good news is that by blacklisting an IP address using xResolver, you can stop hackers from utilizing your IP address. Despite what its name suggests, posting your IP address online is not illegal; nonetheless, blacklisting it could prevent dangerous users from using it. To prevent your IP address from showing up on our website again, you may apply some further suggestions. You should use a VPN service to safeguard the confidentiality of your IP address.

XResolver is a popular tool for finding online gaming influencers. It works by collecting and storing publicly available data through scraping software. Your Gamertag cannot be attached to a scraper until you participate in a multiplayer session. This information is then captured by the scraper and kept in their database. You don’t have to pay them or risk having your account compromised.

The best thing about XResolver is that it is free. It may be downloaded for free and is available to everyone. You may use it to launch a DDoS assault or find out another player’s IP address. Its name is a play on sniffing.

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