The Top 11 Apps and Tools For Every Entrepreneur

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Try these great tech tools to increase your productivity and sales. It takes a significant amount of time and effort to run a business – you must accept challenges and put out fires while effectively managing your employees, finances, and tasks.

Luckily, technology is available today that will allow you to manage it all. This technology will do more than just help you manage what you are doing; it will also save you precious hours so you aren’t working day in and day out. Here are 11 of the top apps and tools every entrepreneur needs that will help you in a myriad of ways. Want to increase your social media visibility but do not know where to start? Mixx got your back, get free Instagram followers and build your dedicated following starting today.

Evernote Scannable 

This mobile scanning app allows you to scan and save documents, business cards, meeting notes, and other files, so you can easily access and edit them as needed. With Evernote Scannable, there is no more tearing an article out of a notebook or magazine. Evernote lets you digitally do that so you can share the article when you are ready. You can even send emails to Evernote and gather all of the things you need in a single place. 


UberConference is a video conferencing app that lets you meet with others remotely. This is great for online meetings – you need to be able to communicate with your customers and collaborate with your team. The platform allows users to connect on any device and is ideal for those times you need to be a part of a meeting while you’re away from the office.


Email marketing is a job that never stops. MailChimp’s tools make it simple to launch an email campaign right from your very own device. It takes just a couple of taps and you have the ability to build a campaign as you would have from a desktop. You can even monitor the progress of your campaign and run reports from your device. 

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TINYpulse is an employee engagement platform where you can discover more about – and improve – company culture. It sends out a research-backed question that will give you new insight into your staff so you can learn what things are working and what things aren’t. The real-time feedback is anonymous; your employees can send in suggestions for discussion on the platform. This is a great way to learn how your employees are feeling – are they happy? Are they burnt-out? The questions TINYpulse offers are well worded and you receive good guidance on what to do with the feedback. 


OnTheClock is an employee time clock where employees can clock in and out from specific locations. It’s simple for employees and employers to use. You can access your account from any device whether you’re at home, work, or on the road.  The system is reliable and easy to set up too. More and more people are choosing to find ways to avoid payroll headaches – like outdated payroll solutions and managing PTO and sick days – and turning to services like OnTheClock to accurately track time. 


Need an excellent accounting tool? One of the most important components of your business is accounting and expenses. You need to manage this part of your business well if you want to stay in business. QuickBooks is there to help you track your business finances and manage them too. The app and the desktop application are not the same, but the app will allow you to follow sales, send out invoices to customers and see recent payments. 


This expense report software is for use via a mobile device and automates every step of the process, from receipt scanning to reimbursement. If you use the Expensify app, you have the ability to accurately upload receipts, saving you and your team hours of time (and loads of stress) on inputting and processing expenses. 


Surveys are a great way to see what is happening with both your employees and your customers – this is vital for every business that exists. Nearly every business owner wants to know the ways to effectively communicate with customers and staff. Devise a survey using SurveyMonkey that recipients can easily complete from their device. After the poll ends, you can examine the data and use it to make improvements. 

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Sprout Social 

Sprout Social will help you in both the creation and maintenance of a solid and powerful social media strategy. It provides excellent social media management tools that are accessible from your mobile phone — and you don’t have to sacrifice functionality. These apps allow you to identify influencers, pinpoint the ideal times to engage your customers, and will show you the data that backs this up. 


This tool offers users social media management tools available in a well-designed hub so they can manage multiple social networks from a single place. You can easily track performance, publish to your social media accounts and reply to messages and comments with one click. Small business owners like HootSuite; it’s a great way to learn more about and connect with customers and grow your brand on social media. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud Professional 

This CRM software tool gives users access to sales and customer data. Salesforce allows you to take what you learn to better your business operations. The platform is flexible and comprehensive at the same time, and just what every business needs to keep up with the competition. You can also add an extension to the app that encompasses your service’s Chatter, apps, CRM, and processes within an Android smartphone. The benefit is that you can customize the app so they’re functional and make sure you receive all alerts and notifications. 

As you try to decide which tools to utilize, keep in mind that your company will benefit from the choices you make. There are countless tools available, and this can make the process of narrowing it down quite intimidating. Take your time to figure out which tools work the best for you. This will allow your business to run seamlessly 24/7 so you don’t have to.

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