Things You Should Know About Brow Waxing From A Professional

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You should be well aware before having your brows waxed. It will help you choose the right person to do your waxing and achieve your desired results.

1) The first and most important thing to remember is that your brows are sisters rather than twins. Your brows may appear similar, but they are not always identical; however, a good brow shaping with wax can help them get as close as possible.

2) Make sure your expectations are reasonable. You may be disappointed if you bring in a picture of big, bold brows when you have been a victim of over waxing/tweezing for years or have never had thick brows. It is perfectly acceptable to show your waxer what you want; bring a picture if you have one. We are adamant. You may leave with a little less hair, clean lines, and a plan of action that will most likely consist of growing out certain areas, which will be worth it despite the discomfort. Believe us.

3) There is still hope for the thin ones. If you’ve been the victim of a lousy wax, tweezed your brows too thin for too long, or had hair there before, but it hasn’t grown in years, don’t give up! There is still hope for your brows. There are potent products on the market that can help you regrow those lost hairs!

4) Makeup may be required. Most brow pictures on Instagram have makeup applied to them (and around them) to achieve the desired look. Once you’ve worked out a plan with your waxer, ask them what products they recommend to help you achieve the look at home. They may have some retail items for sale, or they may recommend that you go to your local makeup counter and get some. Make sure you have someone show you how to do it, or your at-home makeup application will turn a few heads in the wrong way. When producing the look at home, proper application, mixing, and sculpting are essential. If you naturally have great brows and don’t need makeup to achieve that look, that’s fantastic! We’re envious.

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5) Waxing is a common practise among men as well. For maintenance, all men must groom their facial hair regularly. Men who don’t care or do anything with themselves are a thing of the past. We are seeing more men than ever before come in to maintain their facial hair! Men have the impression that waxing will give them a feminine-looking physique or brows, which is not the case. Men are frequently surprise to learn that waxing their brows, ears, and nose is painless and that the results stay far longer than shaving or trimming.

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6) In between waxings, take care of your brows (and face)! This is another significant one. When waxing your brows, face, or any other part of your body, you must be careful. It’s the same as getting a facial and expecting to look ten years younger while not using any good products at home to make a difference! That is not how it works. Any hair removal can cause redness and irritation right afterward, thus applying calming and antimicrobial components in the before and aftercare creams is essential to keep the area calm and prevent germs from entering the open hair follicles.
It also eliminates dead skin cells and unnecessary hair (duh), necessitating the use of sunscreen to prevent sun damage. To be safe, make it a habit to use good sunscreen every day, as it is the most effective way to prevent aging and skin damage.

7) Finally, consult a professional for eyebrow wax in Lawrence, for God’s sake. There are numerous options available for brow maintenance, and many people are unaware that you must have a license to wax. Many salons provide polishing services, but their personnel are either illegal to wax or lack the skill necessary to give you the perfect form you desire. Look for (or ask to see) a special permit by the cosmetology or a comparable institution when getting your brows cut or a short wax. A training certificate will not suffice.

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