Things You Should Know About The Mega Mall Residency

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About The Mega Mall Residency

The mega mall and residency is a game changer. It’s where you spend a large part of your time, in a space that gives you full control over your product, marketing, and customer service. You get to create all of your content, talk to everyone directly, and engage with your customers on a personal level.

If you are planning on building out a large real estate portfolio in the coming years, here are things you should know about the mega mall and residency program.

Introduction :

The mega mall and residency is a trend that’s been around for a while. In case you weren’t aware, it’s a program where a developer puts up a huge billboard or storefront in a mall for a limited time. Some developers even have plans to move into a larger area that encompasses multiple malls.

This is a real life project where you can make money with your time in an innovative way. It is called “Mega Mall”. This project is one of the best investments in real estate today, it provides income on your investment and is very flexible.

In addition to its great amenities, the mega mall and residency is going to offer a number of other valuable benefits to its residents, including reduced rental rates and a guaranteed monthly income stream.

Key Benefits of Mega Mall Residency :

Here are some of the key benefits of mega mall and residency

Security System :

Mega malls are known to have their own security systems that provide protection and services for the people who live within their complex. This is because, according to research, security systems make a mega mall feel safer, and in turn, make the residents feel safer. These systems also make mega malls feel more secure. Security systems in mega malls can offer all kinds of services and products to customers, such as door entry cameras and even video surveillance to monitor and record areas of the mall.

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Club House :

Mega Mall’s club house was designed by the architectural firm Mega One Properties. The club house is a 3,000-square-foot space, and includes a lounge area, an open-concept kitchen, a rooftop terrace, a patio, and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating offers amazing views, skyline and the surrounding bay. There is also an indoor lounge space, which is a multipurpose room for events and parties. The space includes a large bar and fireplace. It’s important to note that the club house, which opened in 2011, was the only space that could host a major event in the building, and was the largest of its kind in the world at the time.

Parking :

If you’re planning to go to a mall or shopping center, and you want to take your car, the mall management would love to know if you plan to use the parking lot of your choice. You can either make this choice when you plan your trip to the mall or simply register on the mall’s website to keep track of your preferred parking location. You can choose between valet and self-parking services provided by the mega mall management.

Food Court :

Food courts are a relatively new addition to shopping malls and it is an interesting concept to see how they’ve been used. They have taken advantage of the fact that shoppers love variety, whether that’s food, beverages, or entertainment.

When it comes to food courts, the concept is simple — people come to eat and shop at the same place. The challenge is that every mall has its own version of what makes up the food court. Some food courts feature a mix of fast-food and sit-down restaurants, while others only focus on one. To help you decide what you want your food court to be, think about the types of food and services that you have on offer at your mall. Are there any unique features that you can add? This will give you a starting point for your food court concept.

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Kids Play Area :

At Karachi’s Gulberg Mall, a kids play area has been built right inside the mall’s parking lot. The playground is located in the second floor of the mall parking lot. Children can play on the play area while their parents shop around in the store. To enhance the play area, there are several climbing walls, trampolines, a carousel and a slide.

Mosque :

There is a mosque in the heart of the mega mall, and the residents of this area are happy about it. The mosque is located inside a mall which is located at the centre of Karachi. Mega mall is a popular residency project in Pakistan. However, the mall owners have come up with a very unique plan to serve its shoppers better. They have decided to give up their traditional mall and move to a community living setting. The mall is situated in an area where people live and not just work. Residents of the area enjoy being around the mall. And they are quite excited to hear that the mall will become a part of their lives.

Gym :

The Mega Mall also have a gym. A gymin a mall is a relatively new concept.


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