What is a price drop?

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Online shopping comes with the excitement of potential savings in the form of a price drop, a tentative reduction in an item’s listed price. Discounts across product categories help customers save money online. Consumers enjoy price drops because it allows them to purchase products for less. Online price tracking tools and apps monitor e-commerce sites for price drops on items customers want. When it comes to purchasing goods, Flipkart price drop alerts and Amazon price drop alerts are quite helpful as they allow you to obtain goods at a lower cost. Together these two mega-retailers help shoppers find and afford exactly what they need at the best possible cost through price drops.

What is a Price Drop Alert?

A price drop alert is a notification you can receive when the price of a product you are interested in purchasing online decreases. Many e-commerce platforms and browser extensions provide price drop alert services. They allow you to track specific products and get notified via email or mobile push notifications when the price goes down. Price drop alerts are useful for scoring deals and savings. In this post, we’ll look at how to use Amazon and Flipkart price drop alerts. The alerts do the hard work of monitoring daily fluctuations so you can snag your desired item at the best possible price.

Why use Price Drop Alerts?

In the world of online shopping, prices can fluctuate wildly from day to day. Items that are out of your budget one minute may suddenly become affordable the next. This is where price drop alerts come in handy! Price drop alerts are automated notifications that inform you when the price goes down on an item you are interested in. Setting up price drop alerts for products you have your eye on can provide tremendous value and savings. Here are some of the top reasons why savvy shoppers should use price drop alerts:

  • Save money: Price drop alerts allow you to take your time and buy just when prices reach your chosen level. This allows you to get the most out of your money.
  • Get timely notifications: Alerts notify you immediately when prices fall before inventory sells out. No more missing out.
  • Snag time-sensitive deals: Flash sales and daily deals have short expiration times. Alerts make sure you catch them.
  • Comparison shop with ease: Track prices across retailers to find the best current deal. Alerts keep tabs on all of them.
  • Create wish lists: Create wish lists for goods you desire and be alerted when they go on sale. There’s no need to worry about forgetting.
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Save More Using Price Drop Alerts

Flipkart and Amazon use a variety of pricing strategies to provide customers with the greatest possible bargains on items. The websites significantly reduce prices during sales events like Big Billion Days and Prime Day, and offer massive discounts. Lightning deals and clearance sales are other avenues for major price decreases. Flipkart and Amazon also promote budget-friendly options like refurbished or used items that see deep price cuts. Shoppers can utilise price tracking and alerts to keep tabs and take advantage of the frequent price drops on both sites for the biggest bargains.

Flipkart and Amazon provide price drops to help you obtain the best bargains on items.

Getting the best deals while shopping online can be tricky, with constant price fluctuations on e-commerce sites. It is easier for customers to grab the lowest prices through regular Flipkart and Amazon price drops on a wide range of products.The top online retailers usually provide discounts, sales, and dynamic pricing across categories based on demand and availability. Amazon and Flipkart offer price reductions, allowing individuals to buy within their budget. Frequent sales and dynamic rates make these e-commerce giants a shopping paradise for bargain hunters.

Online shopping platforms Flipkart and Amazon offer rock-bottom prices if you time your purchase right. However, manually tracking prices across products is tedious. This is where Flipshope’s smart shopping extension proves invaluable. Now you can relax as Flipshope will automatically monitor prices in the background and send you an email alert as soon as prices dip to your preset level.

What is Flipshope?

Flipshope is a game-changer for shoppers as it provides effective tools to save on Amazon and Flipkart. Once installed as an extension, Flipshope adds a price graph icon on both sites to visually chart historical pricing data. For any product, you can click to see an interactive graph demonstrating price fluctuations over time. Flipshope also allows setting price drop alerts, so you’re notified when items reach your target price. By using Flipshope’s robust features likePrice history tracker, price graph, price drop alert, auto apply coupon and more across Amazon and Flipkart, you can consistently purchase at optimal low prices. This handy extension and website give online shoppers valuable insight into pricing trends, empowering them to maximise savings during online shopping.

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How Does Price Drop Alert Work on Flipkart and Amazon?

Price drops and alluring product discounts are offered by online retailers like Amazon and Flipkart. However, continuously tracking prices on items you want to buy can be time-consuming. Online customers can now enjoy the greatest bargains on items from Flipkart and Amazon without having to spend hours checking back, thanks to the smart price drop alert feature. The automated alerts allow you to take timely action on discounted rates. Ultimately, it means you end up saving a significant amount of money on your online purchases. Steps to use Flipshope Price Drop Alert on Amazon and Flipkart:

  • First, download and install the Flipshope extension and log in or sign up for an account. Then, pin Flipshope to the browser’s taskbar.
  • Open Amazon or Flipkart and select the product you want to buy.
  • On the right side of the page, you will see the Flisphope icon; click on it
  • Select the price drop percentage level you want to be notified at and click on “Save Item”
  • When the price drops to your selected level, you will get a one-time notification from Flipshope.
  • Buy the product without wasting much time.


Flipkart and Amazon offer some incredible discounts and sales on products, but it can be hard to keep track of the fluctuating prices of items you want to buy. That’s where price drop alerts can help maximise your savings with minimal effort. Instead of constantly checking and rechecking prices in the hopes of finding a good deal, you can let these apps monitor them for you. Add any product links and enter your desired price. When that magic number is reached, you’ll receive a prompt allowing you to immediately take advantage of the offer. Rather than stressing out looking for sales, let the extensions do the watching so you can relax until the best bargain arrives right in your inbox.

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