What To Do In Cervantes WA?

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Are you planning on going on a trip; destination Cervantes? This small coastal fishing town in Western Australia is a beautiful place to visit. This town is known for a lot of beautiful sights and exciting locations, and if you’re thinking about what you can do in Cervantes, WA, we will be taking you on a tour of the different things you can do as well as the exciting places you can visit for excellent results.

  • The Pinnacles 

The first stop on our list of things to do in Cervantes is a visit to the Pinnacles. This is a museum with a lot of beautiful sights to behold. Rich in historical and local wildlife sites, the pinnacle is definitely a place you cannot afford to leave out when you visit Cervantes. There are lots and lots of places to stop and take fun pictures and many gifts you can buy to take back home with you.

  • Hangover Bay

Another exciting destination, a fun place to visit in Cervantes, is the hangover bay. Except if you have a phobia of water, this beach is a stunning and exciting one with many colourful blooms and a lot of vegetation to look at. It is equipped with some of the best equipment you can use to enjoy yourself, like picnic tables, clean toilets, gas BBQs and exciting trails for you to follow. If you want a beautiful sight in Cervantes, this is another interesting place to visit.

  • Lobster Shack

Do you want to have a crack at something tasty and exciting at the same time? Then the lobster shack is the right place to visit. This is a company and a business with a passion for western rock lobster and a place where you can get first-hand experience of the factory and how these lobsters are processed. You get to see how these rock lobsters are moved from their natural habitat, processed and distributed to various parts of the globe. After the tour, you can even decide to get some of these lobsters for yourself as well as other seafood you might like. 

  • Thirsty Point Lookout

The final place on our list of things to do in Cervantes is a visit to the thirsty point lookout.  The sea is so blue and exciting while the sands are so white, almost like a make-believe tale. It has one of the best views you can imagine with this calming effect that is hard to get from anywhere else.

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Bottom Line

If you ever visit Cervantes, WA, there are a lot of fun things to do here, as we have mentioned, with a lot of fun sights; and if you want tasty lobsters, then visit the lobster shack today.

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