Why You Should Consider Going All In On Sustainable Packaging in 2024

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The pace of change seems to ramp up with each additional year. While this acceleration comes with challenges, it also provides a variety of benefits from technological advances. As you look for sustainable packaging solutions for 2024, it helps to understand that products such as custom mylar bags combined with digital printing represent substantial opportunities for your company. 

Reducing Waste Significantly

Reducing costs and waste in one business decision probably sounds pretty good. With customized packaging strategies they go hand in hand.

First, you choose the appropriate packaging size for your product. This helps clients select an amount that makes sense for personal use. Second, you choose a desirable print run that maximizes your inventory constraints. The flexibility of digital printing allows you to choose personalized print runs without additional costs. Custom stand up pouches help reduce waste in many ways:

  • The right size package for your product
  • The ability to lock in freshness
  • The quality of puncture and tear resistance
  • The capability of reliable closures

All of these features make sure your product stays fresh and offers important convenience for the customer. Any time your product grows stale on the shelf or at home, food and product waste increase. This is bad for the environment, unpleasant for your customers and damaging to your brand. Waste savings also come in the form of a new generation of recyclable packaging that cuts down on landfill use.

Mylar packaging has the needed durability to protect products from the outside environment. Moisture and oxygen remain the enemy of many products and can result in unnecessary waste if they seep in. Mylar allows for the presence of durable films that keep out harmful substances. Features such as effective closures help customers keep products fresh for as long as necessary and until the final portion is used.

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Finding Additional Savings In Packaging

Savings come in many forms for food packaging companies looking to incorporate best practices into their business model. Many of these measures also have positive impacts on the environment. With light-weight, flexible packaging, you stand to save on delivery fees, each in terms of weight and quantity. This has the potential to lessen greenhouse gasoline emissions inside the transportation sector.

With digital printing technology, your company gets attractive packaging with a fast time to market and an impressive level of flexibility. The savings come in when you realize you can make smaller print runs without having to pay high set-up fees for plate changes. This adds unprecedented power to small and medium-sized companies. It allows you to innovate your marketing in so many ways.

All of this remains meaningless if your packaging does not attract the attention of customers. Digital printing allows for the use of bright graphics and interesting promotions that look good on the package. With an assortment of stylish bags, you can create packaging that stands out.

Sustainable packaging makes sense in 2024, especially with so many other benefits. Work with an industry leader and experience the advantages that optimal packaging strategies provide.

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