12 Exercises To Reduce Lower Back Pain In Seniors

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Every other person in today’s world is suffering from lower back problems. Unfortunately, as people become older, this reoccurring pain gets worse. This has made life tough for many senior/elderly individuals, as they find it difficult to accomplish everyday activities. In this article,we’ll read about how to reduce lower back pain. You can work out at home with these core exercises.

12 Exercises To Reduce Lower Back Pain In Seniors And The Elderly

Lower Back Strengthening

For the overall health of your back, abdominal strengthening with a suitable lower back pain workout is essential. Crunches and leg lifts are two examples. Always do these exercises with your knees bent. Maintaining excellent core strength also requires exercises for the shoulders, hamstrings, and buttocks. This helps reduce lower back pain.

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Arm lifts, bridging, hip extension, and pelvic tilts are examples of these. During lower back pain exercise, posture and stretching exercises are critical for safety and range of motion.

Exercises that strengthen the low back, such as spinal extension, have proved to be useful in lowering symptoms. Include a low-impact activity in your lower back pain exercise to help you lose weight and relieve your pain.

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This usually entails a healthy diet and at least an hour of aerobic exercise three to five times each week.

Core Workouts

Lower back stabilisation and strengthening can be greatly aided by core workouts. Before beginning any low back programme, always warm up. Stop doing anything that hurts.

When bending forward from the waist, use your arms to support your back. When standing straight, never lift both legs at the same moment. This helps relieve lower back pain

Here are the 12 simple exercises that can help you reduce back pain: 

1. Straight Leg Raise (Eccentric)

This exercise strengthens your stomach and hip flexor muscles, which will help you get out of bed, and out of a chair, keep your posture, and relieve back discomfort.

2. Raise with Bent Knees

This back pain relief workout strengthens your stomach and hip flexor muscles, allowing you to get out of bed, stand up from a chair, and maintain good posture. Read more such articles on kampungbloggers.

3. Curl Ups

By strengthening your core muscles, abdominal back pain symptoms exercise to aid with posture and balance. When your abdominal muscles are strong, simple tasks like getting out of bed or getting up from a chair become easier.

4. Camel and Cat

To stretch and expand the muscles of the lower and mid-back. Exercises for back pain, pelvic area relaxation, and understanding the pelvic tilt

5. Extending your back

To stretch and expand the muscles of the lower and mid-back. It can also help with postural strain-related midback pain. This will make maintaining excellent posture when sitting and standing much easier.

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6. Extending your legs

Lower back and hip discomfort muscles should be stretched and extended. It can also assist to reduce symptoms by strengthening the pelvis and leg muscles.

7. Convergence

The hip extensors, buttock muscles, and hamstrings are all strengthened with these lower back pain exercises. It also aids in the strengthening of the low back and sacroiliac joints. This can help you stand more steadily and keep your balance.

8. Tilt of the Pelvis

Stretch the muscles of the lower back and hips. After a long day of walking, this is an excellent back pain workout for fatigued or painful backs!

9. Backrests

Your abdominal muscles will be firmer after doing this back strengthening exercise. It will assist you in getting out of bed or rising from a chair.

10. Back Arm Raises

The range of motion in your upper back and shoulders is improved with this back muscle exercise. This exercise will assist strengthen your postural muscles, particularly the abdominal muscles, if you appropriately stabilise your lower back.

11. Kneeling Arm Raises

Your upper back and shoulder stability will improve as a result of this back pain and exercise movement. It can also be used to reach a high shelf, open the refrigerator door, or even brush your hair. 

12. Hip Flexion

This lower back workout helps increase your lower back’s flexibility and range of motion.

It will assist you with tasks such as doing laundry, sweeping up with a dustpan, or reaching into a low cupboard.




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