5 Amazing Things To Do In UK [2022 Bucket List]

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So you have saved up to visit one of the biggest constituencies of the world.


But what about the grand plan?

Let us face it; if there is anything that you would wish to avoid when you are visiting the UK, then it is the idea of seeing everything. You wouldn’t be able to see everything in one go; then, you must be getting the perfect bucket list.

With a bucket list, you are visiting the best among the best. You will have something satisfying to strike off from the list on the refrigerator and a chance to click endless series of Instagram pictures that can make all your friends jealous.

England, Scotland, Whales, and The Northern Islands enjoying all these picturesque delights and rich history are worth every penny that you saved for your dream trip.

Diverse United Kingdom!

Needless to mention that you will be enjoying some of the most diverse features. Rivers, lakes, highlands, bustling cities, historical castles, fossil grounds, and many more.

So, hold your breath as we place five amazing things you can do in the UK.

Yes, you might not have seen the whole of the UK with these five things, but you have definitely cruised through the best.

So, without any further adieu, let us get into the list!

Amazing Things To Do In the UK

Here are some of the best things you can do in the UK, compiled just for your traveling pleasure.

1. London Eye Is Calling You

A mesmerizing Ferris wheel right above the river Thames should be your first pick among the Amazing Things To Do In the UK. It stands tall at the height of 135 meters, and from the capsules, you will be able to get most of London in a panoramic view.

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It is not like any Ferris wheel, where it is scary and fast. You will get a solid thirty minutes to take in the entire city and relax. This is a perfect tour for someone who is planning to go on a solo trip or with your partner as a romantic getaway.

2. A Day In Shakespeare’s Birthplace

The town of Stratford Upon Avon is not something which you will often find on the list of things to do in the UK. But, it is something we would suggest you not miss out on. Especially if you are a literature buff and in love with country life.

This town, which is popularly known as the Shakespeare Birthplace, is a picturesque little town with peaceful outdoor activities. Plus, you can scroll down the streets where the great dramatist grew up.

3. A Hogwarts Train Journey

If you find yourself in Scotland, you cannot miss out on the King’s Cross train journey. Did you know that the scenes of the iconic steam train were actually shot in Scotland? If you have been a Potterhead, then this would probably be the best day of your life. Like a dream come true!

However, if you are someone who is not a fan, you can still enjoy the mystic scenery that the ride beholds. Plus, it gives you that perfect vintage with the train journeys.

Did you know that JK Rowling got the idea of Harry Potter sitting on this train?

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4. Walk Down To York

Suppose you wish to take a walk in one of the UK’s finest and most idyllic towns. The one that will give you the finest English feel, then York is the place for you.

Just imagine having a nice cup of tea in one of the vintage cafes and then walking down the streets. This place is also known for its gothic architecture, ancient churches, and cobblestoned roads.

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This will be your day to enjoy the English countryside life!

5. Stay At The Bovey Castle

You cannot return from the UK without enjoying the castle life. After all, England is royalty. Bovey Castle is a 500-year-old castle still standing tall, but it has been turned into a royal hotel.

Plus, you will also be able to visit the Dartmoor National Park, which surrounds the royal edifice. Enjoy a luxurious breakfast, relax golfing and live like the royals for a day or two.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Visiting The UK!

Visiting all the constituencies of the UK won’t be that difficult. Yes, there will be security as you are a tourist. However, it is not impossible to go from one place to another. So, do not worry and just keep in mind these things.

  • Everyone loves tea, so you better not say anything bad about tea!
  • Most places are quite damp with high humidity, so you can expect to rain most of the time. Sunshine is like a holiday for them, so prepare your trip accordingly.
  • Some places in Scotland could be very cold in the colder months. So, carry your woolens and other winter garments accordingly. You wouldn’t want to freeze to death!
  • Stand on the right. For them, right is the right side and not the other way around.
  • Do not jump the queue. People in the UK, especially in England, take their cues very seriously. So, do not dare do that if you do not wish to be a part of public humiliation.
  • Do not confuse the UK with England. England is the country, while the United Kingdom consists of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Bon Voyage!

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