A Guide to Help You Buy the Right Battery for Your Car

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Your car isn’t going to last forever! Most cars can last for more than a decade and during their lifespan, many of their parts need replacement. From tires to the battery, you’re going to replace many components to keep your vehicle functioning for years. A car battery, like any other component of the vehicle, has a limited life span. As a vital part of every vehicle, the battery must be replaced as soon as it begins to malfunction. Most of the standard batteries on the market come with a constant output of 12 V. However, simply going to the market and buying a standard battery available isn’t the right thing to do.

A battery that works for a hatchback model may not suit an SUV. Many factors should be considered before spending money on a battery. As a smart car owner, you should always check the car’s owner manual and consult an experienced mechanic before buying a battery. The battery is one of the key elements of cars that ensures a hiccup-free drive. Typically, batteries last for 3-5 years before they need replacement. You should start looking for the right battery before your current one reaches the end of its life. So, read further to know the key factors that should be considered when buying a battery for a car.


As mentioned above, a battery that works for one model may not suit another. Cars are of different types- sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs. For cars of different sizes, there are different size batteries. The batteries available in the market are labeled in terms of length, width, and height. To pick the right size, you need to check your existing battery’s dimensions. Size is an important factor because buying the wrong size means it won’t fit in the battery tray and this could cause damage due to vibrations or fluid spillage.

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Battery Freshness

You might think that I am buying a battery not bread then why check the manufacturing date? However, the date of manufacture tells you about the battery’s freshness. The newly manufactured batteries have a high shelf life. So, instead of a year-old car battery with lower output, you should look for batteries less than 6 months old. The code on the battery label in the form of a letter and number tells the battery’s freshness. The alphabet stands for the month and the number indicates the year of manufacture.

Reserve Capacity

Factors like the brand and model are also important. You can check the list of the top-performing batteries and brands with the highest rating. Moreover, look for a battery with a high reserve capacity. This refers to how long a battery can run on its own without the power of the car. Higher reserve capacity keeps the car functional in situations like alternator failure or forgetting to turn off the lights.

Power Requirement

Next, check the power requirement of the battery for your car which is indicated by the Ah rating. A car battery with higher Ah has more power. Buying a battery with low Ah rating than needed could make engine cranking difficult. So, should also check Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Cranking Amps (CA).

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