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When classroom sessions shifted to digital platforms after the pandemic, most of us scrambled to cope with online lessons rather than remote classes. All of this only to find how simple it was! It is only difficult when you first begin to sell courses online using platform to sell courses online or provide video lessons from a learning management system. Once you begin- the next few steps keep getting easier.

To sell online courses using online courses platform and information is not tricky. These guidelines can help you set the perfect stage to practice online learning;

Time and place

To attend classes every day, teachers must establish a routine they can follow. Arranging classes every day in different time slots is difficult for most students because they can have other commitments, and remaining engaged with this screen all day is not the best thing. With an improper routine, they lose interest in online classes. 

Post every lesson in the same place, through the same website or link channel, and at the same time. When students know about your posting timings, they can remain prepared. You can post the link for the class through e-mail or directly begin the session on the learning management system. Remind your students to be consistent and bookmark the platform. It works even better when the school administration can pick up this pattern and allow other subject teachers to establish a similar posting format.

Reinforcing rules

Disciplining your classroom is the key factor that will encourage students to check their lesson links, assignments, test schedules, etc. A teacher should always organize the daily lessons and post a weekly schedule with reminders. This is only one of the rules for students to follow. Some other online lesson rules include;

  • Check the attendance sheet from the attendance management system.
  • Give feedback and ask for doubts, if any.
  • Follow camera and mic instructions as guided by the teacher.
  • Take assignment sheets every day and submit assignments in PDF or another format on time.
  • Check for Internet connectivity and inform the teacher.
  • Locate lesson links. One student can take up the responsibility of informing the entire class if there are changes in lesson timings.
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These are compulsory academic rules to reinforce there are other disciplinary rules related to their behaviors and conversational patterns.

Optimizing data

Online lessons call for a lot of data optimization. Student data, progress reports, attendance sheets, and syllabus need to be constantly reviewed through planned assignment patterns and test schedules. Teachers cannot upload the test schedule unless the syllabus has been gone and revised. These revision classes cannot be pre-decided at the beginning of online lessons, only an approximate month can be estimated.

Data optimization is also necessary to inform the parents about student progress, send over a proof for the same, and collect feedback on how much effort they put back at home.

Linking resources

Every study material must have multiple resources linked. Every child has unique study patterns and understanding capabilities. Just like the same methodology does not apply to every student, and teachers need unique methodologies every week, the same link source cannot satisfy the information and explanation requirement. 

Online education has made resource linking more convenient because professionals from all over the world upload free courses. With permission and research on which source is well suited for this particular classroom, teachers can link the most valid and recent learning material.

Video and audio lessons

A video lesson makes students feel as comfortable as they would in a traditional classroom. Interaction is necessary for topic explanations, especially for elementary and middle school students. Video classes are compulsory for school-level students because they must clear their basics with proper engagement and practical explanation. Through this screen, teachers can monitor the attention span of students. It helps them organize the amount of data or syllabus portions they can effectively teach per video session.

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Audio classes do not compulsorily mean podcasts- they could also be short voice notes with a duration of two to 5 minutes. It helps students study with complete flexibility, whenever they want, and wherever they want.

Institutions have started focusing on the upload of the recorded version of video lessons and audio lessons too. It helps them minimize the number of revision classes needed because they can review the original lessons, and come further with doubts in an engagement session rather than asking for complete topic explanations.

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