List of Android Open Source Projects 

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Are you interested in open source contribution? Wondering how to find projects or looking for some suggestions? Well, at github, Open Source Collection and Gitlab you will be get all the open source projects. And if you’re looking for some top notch and working web based projects then OpenSourceCollection is the perfect place to visit. 

Well, you know what? It has been demonstrated that reading codes and contributing to an open source environment is one of the defining ways in which a strong developer career can be established together with writing better codes. So if you are looking for some android open-source projects then you are at right place…

These projects are amazing Android Open Source Projects on the internet that you could either contribute to as an Open Source Contributor or learn a couple of things from being just an ordinary developer and even use their code base for your own.

A Little About Android Open Source Projects

Android open source projects mean software development related to the Android mobile operating system where public can access and modify its code. Many of these projects are done collaboratively with developers from all over the world who work on and contribute to the codebase. The android open source projects encompass a broad spectrum of applications, libraries, frameworks and tools which one can use with minimum restrictions.

Top Android Open Source Projects that you must know as an Android  Developer

Here we are sharing a short list of Android Open Source Projects that will help you with coding for your next Android app.

Moonlight Android

Moonlight for Android is an open-source version of the GameStream software developed by NVIDIA and used in their Shield device. This codebase would help a Game Developer looking to create Mobile Game Streaming software.

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Flutter Tetris

Flutter Tetris is a basic free tetris game built with Open Source. However, if you are a Game Developer wishing to build a simple game using flutter this codebase will be of much use. If you are interested in android game developing then this open source project will surely help you with this.


As you all know Telegram is a widely used encrypted instant messaging app for Android and iOS. If you wish to know how an Instant Messaging App is developed, then this should be of interest. The open source code will help you in developing some similar apps.


CoCoin is a one stop open source  platform for personal finance and accounting solutions that features an exceptional UI. A perfect case for a simple fintech build and understanding how to handle charts.

Easy Sound Recorder

Easy Sound Recorder is a free sound recorder app with material design. With this project, You will learn Android voice recording integration and manipulation. If you like to dvelop something related to recording then this oprn source project will be  a great helping hand for you.


AntennaPod is an open-source podcast manager and player that provides direct access to millions of free and commercial pod casts. This project provides an opportunity to comprehend various integration methods, playback settings control etc.

Open Camera

Open Camera is a full-featured and open source camera application for android devices. This project will guide you if you want to know how the auto-stabilization option is added on a camera app, or take photos remotely using noise and multi-touch gestures.


Chess positions and their engine analysis, as well as viewing and editing of chess games are the main purposes of DroidFish. The functioning of this project would be beneficial for you if you are seeking to use a chess engine.

Lunary Ethereum Wallet

The Lunary is a nice, simple to use, safe and Open Source Ethereum Wallet for Android phones. If you are contemplating a blockchain and cryptocurrency project, this could be your training manual.


Remindly is a simple open-source Android app for creating lists of reminders. You can easily find the repo at github if you want to get more information about working with time and advanced-to-do apps.

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If you want to make your own chat app or a super cool version of WhatsApp using Flutter, take a look at this ready-to-use code! It has all the features you need and even more. It’s like a toolbox that helps you build an awesome messaging app without starting from scratch. Give it a look and see how it can make your app-making journey much easier! 


A fully-featured and lightweight open-source Android note app. This codebase will enable you to build your own note-talking application with amazing features such as a To-do list feature on the note app among other things.

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is a material design-based lite file manager app for Android. This codebase would teach you managing files on SD cards, services support in cloud as security AES Encryption and Decrypt of Files.


A basic, free lightweight pedometer application based on the hardware sensor to calculate step counts. With this project you will be able to study Step Tracking, although the UI is not really good; however, You can modify something more appealing or contribute to that.

Wrapping up

The huge world of Android Open Source Projects presents an array of possibilities for developers as well as enthusiasts. This list of open-source projects demonstrates the collaborative nature of the open-source community, where individuals and organizations work together to develop Android apps.

From customizing the Android OS, and developing advanced apps with numerous functions to innovating new frameworks: there is a project that speaks to everyone. These OSS initiatives not only are essential assets to the developers but also contribute in evolution of the Android platform itself.

So, hopefully, after reading this article, you would be able to choose your next project.  If you liked this article about Android Open Source Projects,share it with your friends on social media! Do not forget to browse through other of our articles. 

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