The Best Stock Market Apps for Advanced Traders

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Staying one step ahead of the competition is essential in the highly competitive stock market. Stock trading has always attracted investors. Previously, stock trading involved an intermediary known as a stockbroker. The engagement of the stockbroker lead to significant costs on the investors in the form of commission payments. However, the scenario changed with the advent of stock market app. For Indian traders, in this era of widespread cellphones and rising online trading, the best stock market app is the best choice.

Zerodha Kite

Zerodha Kite has become a popular investment app in the stock market. There are more advanced charting tools, many customisable indicators, multiple order types, live market data, and ultra-fast order execution. Moreover, you get an advanced options trading facility and decent access to the analytics, which are worth noticing.

Upstox Pro

Upstox Pro offers advanced charts and an ultra-fast trading experience. It is essentially for traders who are slightly advanced in their phase. It offers the following facilities, which are worth accepting: It comes with a large selection of technical indicators and drawing tools, so traders can do analysis on the road. Upstox Pro features customisable watch lists and one-click trading for quick decision-making and execution.

Angel Broking

Angel Broking’s mobile application is one of the best apps for advanced traders in India. The app provides advanced charts with 40+ technical indicators and multi-chart types, which empowers traders to analyse market trends properly. Heat maps, option chain analysis, etc. are the tools that give you valuable insights to make proper trading decisions. Apart from this, Angel Broking’s mobile app provides advanced order types and live news updates for traders. This app is designed with a user-friendly interface, which allows traders to trade easily using their mobile devices.

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Sharekhan’s mobile app is highly appreciated for its awesome features and convenient interface. The app offers sophisticated charting tools, including 50+ technical indicators and multi-chart types. These factors help traders thoroughly analyze market trends. It has customised watch lists and live market updates that enable sophisticated traders to make informed decisions. Furthermore, it has advanced order types and access to research reports that make it an absolute choice for serious traders.

ICICI Direct

The ICICI Direct mobile app provides rich traders with advanced tools. With its user-friendly interface, this mobile app provides many amenities. The traders can even run advanced analysis with as much comfort as the thing is utilised. More than 100 indicators are a feature of the app. You’ll be able even to make your own specialised watch list. With this particular watch list, one can keep a practicable eye on the live situations of the inventory market. Live market situations assist one in making effective trading choices. Another distinctive function of this app is the ability to set your own specialised charts. This can be helpful in addition to being important for the traders to examine the marketplace trend and behave accordingly. Additionally, it offers advanced order types, including after-market orders and good-to-cause orders. Thus, there are plenty of choices for various needs that could strike the minds of rich traders.


In the Indian stock market, advanced traders must have one app. Whether it is for advanced charting tools, superfast order execution, or thorough analytics, each of the above apps serves advanced traders differently. With all these advanced features, traders can stay on top of the game and achieve their desired targets in this volatile market environment.

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