The Essence of Elegance Is In the Small Touches

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Today, in the world with TikTok and fashion trends coming and going at a rapid pace, trends changing daily, understated elegance is now the new quiet luxury. There is art about elegance that remains timeless, just as it remains elusive to most. While there are no hard rules on attaining this look, it appears the minutiae details can make or break an outfit.

Dani Michelle, stylist to the likes of Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Bieber, stated “I think people miss the mark on quiet luxury when they forget it’s the full package… It’s not just the clothing, it’s the accessories too, it’s the entire message.” Fans of Dani will have noticed that no detail is missed, in fact, the beauty of her looks lies in those minute, simple styling details. Louis Vuitton, a brand with a history of conveying luxury status, is weighing in on how to achieve a quiet luxury look with their brand.

Quiet luxury leans into classic silhouettes, clothing that has quality and cut, and pieces that are simple and chic. To elevate these understated pieces to quiet luxury the secret is investing in well-made accessories.

Wise Investments: 

Accessories are the finishing touch, look towards jewellery, bags, cardholders, and belts –  they add interest and elevate your look to the next level. When choosing your accessories it pays off to think wisely, spending a bit more can make a big difference.

Louis Vuitton Jewellery Collection

Louis Vuitton Jewellery collection of fashion women’s jewellery will enhance your quiet luxury look. Their beautifully crafted pieces will bring a touch of signature shimmer to your every look.

Their Idylle Blossom LV Bracelet, Pink Gold and Diamond is perfect: simple and chic.

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Cardholders For Women

Cardholders for women are the quiet luxury look, less really is more, and it’s important to not overdo it. A great minimalist outfit can be overpowered by a flashy bag – it’s time to consider cardholders as the finishing touch. They are useful accessories that are not only elegant, they will also hold keys or other small items, to keep you from appearing cluttered.

Card Holder Recto Verso is the perfect example of an elegant and understated accessory that will free up your hands.


If you need something with a little more carry power a step up from Louis Vuitton’s Cardholders is the Capucines Mini.

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