What Is the Best Thing About Custom Acrylic Lollipop Charms

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The acrylic keychains and charms are trending at the top and are the favorite products of every generation as it is use for different purposes across the world and have several benefits. However, personalizing the little acrylic products can be the best way to make your wardrobe beautiful, gift as a present to your special one, or promote your business by providing your clients with a complementary item. Several kinds of acrylic charms and acrylic keychain is available in a wide variety. Still, the most desirable and valuable type of acrylic keychain and charm, which is also handy to carry and light in weight, is a custom acrylic lollipop charm that is a small cute, and eye-catching item which can benefit you in many ways. Let us look at further details and information about custom acrylic lollipop charms.

All You Should Know About Custom Acrylic Lollipop Charms

The customized acrylic lollipop charms are made of an acrylic body with a picture inside it. These charms look like a lollipop and have a steel ring attached at the top for hanging purposes. The lollipop charms have a drill at the top and a drill at the bottom. The customization of acrylic lollipop charms means that you can effortlessly modify these little charms into any color, shape, and size from any online website like Vograce.com, which is a renowned website across the USA and other countries.

Specialties of These Lollipop Charms

Talking about the specialties of these lollipop charms, we can say that while customizing them according to your desire, you can add any additional technique to the acrylic lollipop like if you want the charm to be Double-sided epoxy, Double side Holographic (Star), Double side epoxy+ Double side Holographic (Broken glasses), Front side epoxy, etc. you can easily click on the option provided by Vograce on their website. Also, these acrylic lollipop charms are available in different sizes, so choose the specific one you want.

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The beauty of Lollipop Charms

What makes this lollipop charm more beautiful is its additional cable tie selection. With the wide variety of cable ties, you can select any color bow or ribbon according to your preference. The bow decoration and glittery effect make this charm more unique. Also, while ordering, you can choose the steel/plastic hanging accessories according to the size of your lollipop charm. These little lollipops customized charms are manufactured with six layers and 6mm thickness (acrylic layer, artwork, white layer, white layer, artwork layer, and acrylic layer), making these charms durable and unbreakable.

If you are planning your kid’s birthday, then placing these lollipop charms on a birthday theme table is the best idea. The kids will surely enjoy these charms. It will make the event more joyful and fascinating for the kids.


Customization & Discount Offers

You might be wondering about the price and discount offers. Let us tell you there is a special discount if you buy these acrylic lollipop charms in bulk. The website offers you a 5% discount on 6+ lollipops, a 10% discount on 10+ lollipops, 25% off on 100+ lollipop charms, and 45% discount on 2000+ lollipops, and many more.

These charms have discounted rates if you offer them in bulk quality and delivery with many other benefits and features. So, if you are looking for a unique item to be used as a decoration piece for your bags, walls, or doors, or as a gift item, or to resell and generate profit for the business. Grab this tiny product from Vograce and get fast delivery, refund, and exchange policy. The instruction for simply placing the order is also available on the website to make it more straightforward.

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While ordering the charm, whether you want to be a single-sided picture or double-sided, you can choose the desirable charm type and upload an image (PNG/PSD/PDF/AL file only) from your own. However, for the double-sided one, you have to provide two pictures. Also, the charm has a border line around the charm with a hole. It’s totally up to you if you want that border or not.

Concluding Remarks,

We can conclude the article by saying that the custom acrylic lollipop charms are the cute and best item to be kept at home or for other purposes. However, you can easily customize the type of lollipop charm you want from an online website like Vograce that delivers their client undeniably quality, unbreakable products like custom clear keychains, acrylic keychain, candy keychains, shaker keychains, glow-in-the-dark keychains, Lollipop acrylic charms, dye cut stickers, washi tapes, custom pillows, custom mugs, and many more. Besides this, these custom lollipop charms from Vograce can be personalized in any color, shape, design, or image you want. For further information, contact customer care support that will help you solve all your problems.

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