Why a Business Can Benefit from Custom Jacket Printing

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When you are looking for a powerful tool to add to your marketing efforts, one choice you should consider is investing in a customised jacket for your employees. Here we look at what they can achieve for you.

A cost-effective method of marketing

The cost of buying your employees’ jackets is low compared to the marketing you can achieve with them. It is a lot more affordable than other strategies such as printed advertising and just as powerful. As they wear the jackets at work and when not at work, they are giving you repeated advertising which could go on over some years.

Improving brand awareness

Jackets can essentially act as moving billboards, promoting your logo as your staff carry out their daily tasks. That logo will quickly become something people remember more and more, and associate with you and your business. Wearing the jackets at events is also a good way to have an impact on other people like partners, clients, investors and such.

Improving employees’ sense of unity

Another thing an employer can achieve with custom jacket printing is to boost the staff’s sense of cohesion and unity. When workers feel valued and have a shared purpose of being collaborative it makes them feel happier about working for you. They are more likely to be positive about your business and working for you.

Thermal – These jackets are there to be worn when temperatures range between 10 degrees Celsius to minus 10 degrees Celsius. Usually, there is a quilted body and a polyester outer shell. They are designed to trap air through layers so the wearer stays warm. They are a great option for people packing a jacket as they do not take up too much room. 

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Softshell – These are made from soft materials that are not stiff and more comfortable to wear. It is a good step between a thicker fleece jacket and a lighter waterproof jacket. They are breathable, water-repellent and easy to layer up with or down. It is a good choice for a work customised jacket.

3-in-1– These are good for use with custom jacket printing when you need a jacket for very cold conditions and harsher climates. They are durable and have multiple layers as well as being snow and water-repellant. 3 in 1 jackets are a longer lengths as well to give more cover and come with pockets that zip up and a hood. Their higher quality means as well as being great for employees to wear while working, they could be well received as gifts or rewards at certain times. 


Businesses of all kinds could benefit from investing in some customised jackets. The type you choose depends on what season it is and the climate where you are. Think about the placement of the logo and anything else you print onto them so it is visible and memorable. Think about what your employees would be willing to wear so you get the most out of the investment.

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