12 types of mid century furniture that make modern home look like a dream

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With all the talk about the modern era of the 1970s and 1980s, many people want to live a happier, mid century life.

Future historians and design experts could quickly call the “Mid century Modern Revival” era in the past few years. The design movement that lasted for decades seems to be extending into another long trend cycle that will probably last.

Even though mid century furniture in Houston was initially made to be easy to get and not too expensive, original pieces are now pretty pricey. 

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To pay homage to the style, many options are inspired by mid century modern and will work with your budget and design goals.

  • Mid Century Modern Tufted Fabric Sofa

This sofa is a great choice to create a mid century modern look in your living room. It has tapered legs and clean lines. The blue fabric is a great addition that will make it stand out from other gray, cream, or beige couches.

  • Orren Ellis Lorise 10-Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier

Chandeliers in the style of Sputnik got their name because they look like the first artificial satellite, which was launched into space in 1957. These light fixtures have long prongs that stick out like the antennas on a satellite. Even though they looked different a few decades ago, this updated version is a nice nod to the original.

  • Walker Edison Hairpin Mid century Modern Coffee Table

Tapered legs are a clear sign of mid century modern style, but they aren’t the only popular style. Hairpin legs were also trendy and are coming back into fashion again. This kind of coffee table is excellent for showing off the shape and look, and it fits the style.

  • Decorative Ball by George Oliver

The look of Sputnik and other starburst shapes wasn’t just used to make chandeliers. It was also used to make wall art, textiles, and other decorative items. A sculpture like this is great because it adds texture and a flash of metal to a room that is probably already full of wood, natural colors, and clean lines.

  • Decor Therapy Mid 42-inch Walnut Standard Rectangle Wood Console Table with Drawers

As soon as someone walks into your space, they can get a taste of the 1950s and 1960s. Console tables are a great way to bring together all of the most important features of an era in one piece of furniture. Hang an asymmetrical mirror above it or put a retro vase on top to spice up the simple design.

  • Orren Ellis Sevag 67 “Floor Lamp with an Arc

Balanced is a great way to describe homes from the middle of the 20th century. This arching floor lamp adds a nice shine to a dark room, and the rounded shapes balance out any straight lines in furniture with tapered legs or square shapes.

  • Planter made of ceramic and sold at World Market

People will keep wanting mid century modern planters for a long time to come. MCM planters have smooth pots and wooden legs. There are many styles like this one now, and many of them have twists, colors, and patterns. These have a Spanish look and would work well in homes with a European, Mediterranean, or modern furniture in Houston.

  • Wishbone Chair Solid Wood Natural VODUR Dining Chairs

Mid century modern is often at the top of the flexible design styles that are easy to mix with other types. These chairs, which look like Hans J. Wegner’s famous wishbone chair, would also look great in homes with a modern farmhouse, coastal, or Scandinavian style.

  • Walnut Modway Transmit Mid century Offset Cube Wood Bookcase

On the shelves of this wooden unit, you can show off your best mid century modern furniture and books. Its angled legs and square frame are perfect for the time, and it would look good in an office, a living room, or a bedroom. This would also be an excellent place to keep an old record player.

  • Corrigan Studio Whitlock Round 2-Person 16.8-Inch-Long Bistro Set with Cushions.

You shouldn’t just use mid century modern-style pieces inside your home. Bring the look to your patio, deck, or front porch with a bistro set that looks like it came from Palm Springs, which is one of the MCM style’s centers. The gray color makes it classic, but the saucer-shaped chairs are a nod to the time. This three-piece option won’t rust, and the cushioned seats make it much more comfortable to lounge.

  • Mid century Modern Black Mesh Metal Magazine Rack Chairish

If most of the furniture in your home is square or has sharp corners, this sleek, round magazine rack is a great way to break up the scene. Even if it doesn’t have any magazines or books, it’s an excellent place to throw a blanket.

  • All Modern Vicente Wood Lantern

Whether you use this vase for a candle or plants, its geometric shape and mix of wood and glass make it easy to add a mid century pop modern style to any room. The holder comes in two sizes. This makes it great for making little scenes on saarinen table, bookcases, and empty corners.

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Mid century furniture in Houston is a popular style for homes right now, and you can get the look with a lot of affordable pieces. This list has something for everyone, from curtains to furniture, flowers to flooring. Don’t know where to begin? Look at the above guide of mid century modern home ideas to get some ideas

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