7 Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Materials With Their Pros and Cons

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Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Have you decided on the cabinet material yet? No! Then, let’s compare the most prominent kitchen cabinet materials for you!


There is a lot to consider when renovating the kitchen. From walls to cabinets to hardware, countertops, and furniture- much thinking goes into the entire process. First, you will choose the design, then fixtures, color scheme, cabinet materials, countertop material, etc. And of course the budget!

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Therefore, it is natural to get stuck between the popular cabinet materials. If you have already chosen the flooring, color scheme, and design, let’s guide you in choosing the cabinet material. Many kitchen cabinets in Hilliard can be suitable for you. Below is the list of most prominent wood types and their pros and cons:


  1. Melamine
  2. Solid wood
  3. Wood veneer
  4. Polyester
  5. MDF- medium density fiberboard
  6. Laminate
  7. High Gloss thermofoil
  • Melamine:

Melamine is a resin that is the least costly cabinet material. It is made by pressing the melamine resin under pressure and adding a top layer of plywood to strengthen the module. Here are the pros and cons of choosing this cabinet material:


  • The top benefit is the price factor. Its cost is bearable for those looking for good material on a limited budget.
  • Textured melamine comes in various colors and textures with a paper top. So, you are likely to get lots of choices for pressed melamine.
  • Melamine cabinet material is easy to clean and maintain. Plus, it does not require a sealant to sustain the looks and quality for years of serving.


  • While you have various colors in melamine, it comes in limited shapes. You are probably stuck with a square-shaped cabinet door profile/design.
  • Melamine is not lightweight. It’s heavy, making it vulnerable to sagging, scratches, and dents easily.
  • Solid wood:

Okay! So, solid wood never goes out of style. It is indeed the most popular kitchen cabinet material around the globe. This timeless beauty offers:

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  • You can enjoy the luxury of solid wood cabinets in many different wood species such as bamboo, oak, cherry, birch, walnut, pine, and more.
  • Wooden cabinets are strong, resistant, and durable in the face of several environmental changes. So, it’s a long-lasting investment.
  • The best part of having solid wood cabinets is that they are easily customizable. Choose any door profile and design it in your style.
  • Furthermore, you can just buff this cabinet material if scratches or dents happen in everyday use.


  • Well, these many qualities won’t come for free. Yes, solid wood can be quite heavy on your budget.
  • Its cleaning is a bit trickier as compared to other materials.
  • Also, use a waterproof finish for this pretty cabinet material as it reacts to humidity and high moisture level.
  • Wood veneer:

What feels like natural wood but is just a ting layer of wood is wood veneer. It is thin, smooth, and has a consistent shape. Let’s look at its pros and cons:


  • It is much cheaper than solid wood kitchen cabinets in Hilliard.
  • Its appearance is easy to restore when it gets scratches or bumps.
  • Durability is okay if you are not investing in a permanent place.
  • Using a soft, damp cloth is sufficient for wood veneer cleaning.


  • Wood veneer is a temporary solution; it won’t last if you invest for decades.
  • Excessive water exposure will result in bubbled surface; you don’t want that, right!
  • Polyester:

Melamine blended with pine fiber results in a thin polyester coat for cabinet boxes. Yes, it is pricier than pressed melamine but still reasonable to opt for your home.


  • Polyester is a resistant material to scratches, even more than melamine.
  • It is also available in various colors and textures, offering natural wood looks.


  • If scratched or cracked, repairing is not that easy. 
  • MDF- medium density fiberboard:

The cabinet material uses small particle boards mixed with wax and resin to form a smooth and even grain wooden surface.  You can also get information about the what is a frameless cabinet

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  • Stability is the key benefit of choosing MDF as the cabinet material. It will sustain its shape and construction even in humidity and high heat pressure.
  • MDF is also flexible for customization and styling any door profile- large or small. Moreover, painting this cabinet material into any color is no issue.


  • MDF is hard to buff or sand once scratched or dented.
  • Also, it will not stand extremely high temperatures as in regular/busy kitchens.
  • Laminate:

Think about melamine and add multiple plywood layers and high-pressure laminate material. Due to its construction, laminate is more resistant to scratches, humidity, dents, and rigorous use. 


  • Laminate comes in a wide array of cabinet colors, textures, and finishes.
  • No sealing or finishing is needed; you can take care of it easily.


  • Given the pluses, it can be pricier than melamine but still more affordable than many other cabinet materials.
  • High Gloss thermofoil:

A glossy vinyl coating on the top layer and pine fiberboard base make this cabinet material lasting. What else!


  • These cabinets reflect light and brighten the kitchen space with their high gloss appearance.
  • Wiping off the smudges, oil marks, and stains is easy with these cabinets.
  • Their color and finish do not fade with high temperature or humidity exposure.


  • This glossy material shows dust and dirt easily, so regular dusting is a must.
  • Changing its color can be tricky.
  • Can be vulnerable to direct heat and moisture.


Choosing the kitchen cabinet material! Here is what you need to know on the pros and cons of the prominent cabinet materials. Melamine, wood veneer, laminate, and polyester are cost-effective options on one hand. MDF, solid wood, and high gloss thermofoil are durable and resistant choices. So, consider the ins and outs before you pick one.

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