What Makes A Number Plate Illegal In The UK?

By Zain Liaquat 4 Min Read

The government has issued some legal factors that every manufacturer should consider while manufacturing number plates. A number plate not made upon legal rules will be regarded as illegal.

We have observed that objections are mostly seen on 3D number plates. To help you avoid getting illegal plates, we have mentioned some factors making a number plate illegal in the UK.

Stay with this article and learn everything about the factors you need to avoid.

Let’s get into this.

Rearranging Letters or Characters

Firstly, rearranging letters or characters on number plates is considered illegal, and you must avoid it. As you know that registration numbers are always issued by the government, which you have no access to rearrange on your own.

Display Characters Color Other than Black

According to the government rules for legal number plates, the display should be white, and the characters should be in black. If they are not black, they will be considered illegal by the UK government.

Check out the next.

Non-reflective Material Used in Manufacturing

An ideal number plate characters and numbers should be reflective so they can be easily read. The manufacturing material should be reflective as well. Otherwise, it won’t be considered legal.

Incorrect Spacing

Registration numbers of your vehicle have spaces introduced by the government. But if you promote spacing on your own, it will be considered incorrect and affect the legitimacy of number plates.

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So, do not get into spacing or else on your own. And yes, the manufacturer manufacturing your plates should know all government rules. Because if the manufacturer is not aware of the rules, surely you will not get legal plates.

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The Bottom Line

We shared what makes a number plate illegal in the UK above. Plus, an ideal manufacturer takes care of government rules and manufacturing accordingly.

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